June 27, 2022 in Relationships, Tough Questions

What Kind of Sex is Allowed In Marriage?

Do you struggle with trying to be sexually satisfied?   Today we're going to talk about the types of sex that are allowed in marriage. Let me preface this discussion…
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June 22, 2022 in Pop Culture

My “Turning Red” Banned Video

Available only here on my site, this is the video that was blocked and banned globally online. Please consider sowing financially to help me continue to speak the truth in…
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June 20, 2022 in Deliverance

10 Signs That You Have a Demon

Do you feel you may have a demon, but you're not entirely sure?  Maybe it’s the flesh, or perhaps you’re just going through a hard time. Or, maybe something deep…
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June 20, 2022 in Deliverance

How to Get Free From Lust Once and For All

Do you feel guilt and shame every time you give into sexual sin? Do you feel like God is calling you to a life of holiness, but you can't just…
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June 1, 2022 in Pop Culture, Tough Questions

Should Christians Drink Alcohol?

What does the Bible say about alcohol? If you were to read every single scripture that talks about alcohol in the Bible, you may end up more confused than you…
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May 26, 2022 in Deliverance, The Holy Spirit

How to Cast Out Demons By Yourself

In my first blog about self-deliverance, I laid a foundation for how and why self-deliverance is biblically possible.  Now we are going to focus on the practical.  This is a…
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May 20, 2022 in Bible Study, Uncategorized

How to Host the Holy Spirit

To host means to receive or welcome a guest.  It is possible for us to get really good at hosting worship experiences but not yet have learned how to host…
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May 18, 2022 in Deliverance, Tough Questions, Uncategorized

How to Overcome Anxiety

The infrastructure to diagnose, treat, and medicate anxiety and depression, including pharmaceuticals and medications, is valued at 42 billion dollars.  Anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults in the United States…
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April 29, 2022 in Current Events, Pop Culture, Tough Questions

Why Do Pastors Keep Cheating?

Why do pastors keep cheating?  We have seen it all over the news recently - affair after affair by high-profile mega-church pastors.  I myself am a local church pastor of…
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April 22, 2022 in Deliverance

Casting Out Demons for Beginners

If you've ever felt intimidated by the idea of casting out demons and wondered where to even start, this is a beginner lesson on how to do so. Casting out…
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April 20, 2022 in Relationships, Tough Questions

Is Masturbating a Sin?

The topic of masturbation is a pretty popular one among single and married Christians alike.  Many people want to know, can I do it?  Is it sin? Is it wrong?…
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April 17, 2022 in Current Events, Pop Culture, Tough Questions

How To Defeat the Jezebel Spirit

Today we are talking about how to defeat the spirit of Jezebel.  In the Old Testament, Queen Jezebel was the wife of King Ahab, the king of Israel. Ahab “did…
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April 14, 2022 in Tough Questions

Are Catholics Christians?

Are Catholics going to heaven? Are Catholics even real Christians?  There are an estimated 1.1 billion Catholics in the world.  There are more Catholics than all denominations of Christianity combined. …
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April 14, 2022 in Deliverance

How to Cleanse Your House from Evil Spirits

How do you close the door to the demonic and cleanse your home from occultic influences?  Here are some signs that you need to cleanse your house from evil spirits:…
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April 13, 2022 in Deliverance, Relationships

Chemistry and Compatibility

In a relationship, chemistry and compatibility are important.  We are pretty familiar with chemistry.  It’s the butterflies-in-the-stomach, electric connection you feel when you are near your partner.  Chemistry is almost…
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March 18, 2022 in Deliverance, Relationships

What are Soul Ties and How Do I Get Free?

Have you moved on to a new relationship, but you're still lusting after someone you broke up with a long time ago? Do you keep going back in your imagination…
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March 10, 2022 in Relationships

Rip Up the List: 7 Biblical Truths About Relationships

We are in a series about relationships called "Rip Up the List," and today I'd like to conclude that series by talking about seven biblical truths about relationships. 1 Corinthians…
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February 25, 2022 in Relationships

Rip Up the List: Healing Relationships

Why is it so hard to have a healthy, whole relationship?  Maybe when we understand what real love looks like, we can understand where the challenges lie.  Insert your name…
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February 25, 2022 in Relationships

Rip Up the List: Fighting Fair

We are starting a series called “Rip Up The List.”  In this first part, we will talk about fighting fair (because we know fights will happen) and how to have…
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February 24, 2022 in Deliverance

What is a Spiritual Spouse? Incubus, Succubus, and Lilith

If you experience terror at night in your sleep, you may have a spiritual spouse.  A spiritual spouse, or spirit spouse, is a phrase used in shamanism.  Spiritual husbands or…
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February 11, 2022 in Bible Study, Tough Questions

Why Can’t I Hear God?

God can always hear you.  But there are hindrances to us hearing God.  First, I want to start by saying that the best way to hear God is to read…
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February 9, 2022 in Bible Study, Tough Questions

What Version of the Bible Should You Read?

One of the best ways to hear from God is to read His Word, the Bible.  For those just getting started with Bible reading, it can be confusing to know…
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February 2, 2022 in Tough Questions

Does God Forgive Suicide?

The Centers for Disease Control report that suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in 2019.  One million people worldwide die by suicide every year.  That means if you've…
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January 29, 2022 in Relationships

When Your Spouse Needs Deliverance

When your spouse needs deliverance, what do you do?  My wife and I married in our early twenties.  We wanted to serve the Lord in ministry, but we were also…
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January 26, 2022 in Relationships

Did I Marry the Right Person?

We hear the word “soulmate” often in reference to relationships. But what happens when the butterflies of new love fade and the rose-colored glasses come off?  What happens when you…
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