The Truth About Demons: What the Bible Really Teaches

By February 8, 2024 Deliverance, Demons

Have you ever wondered what the Bible really says about demons? In this blog we’re going to dive deep into the biblical foundations of spiritual warfare. From defining demons to how they operate, this teaching will revolutionize your understanding of the invisible realm. Strap in for a wild ride through Scripture that will equip you to engage in victorious kingdom ministry.

What is a Demon?

Let’s start with the basics – what is a demon? We can distill it down to this simple definition: Demons are persons without bodies.

They have distinctive personalities and represent ungodly lusts. Like a hand animating a glove, demons desperately want to inhabit physical bodies. Their goal is to reenact their sinful tendencies through a person.

Some theologians theorize demons could be disembodied spirits from a pre-Adamic race that perished under God’s judgment. Others suggest they are the spirits of the Nephilim – the hybrid offspring of fallen angels and human women in Genesis 6. While fascinating, I want to keep it simple for now. The bottom line: demons are bodiless beings bent on manifesting their evil through humans.

What Do Demons Want?

If demons are persons without bodies, it’s easy to deduce what they want – bodies! I was praying for a woman as a demon manifested. It initially pretended to leave during prayer. But the Holy Spirit tipped me off that the troublesome spirit remained. Sure enough, when I called it out, the demon revealed itself through raucous laughter and a violently contorted body. 

The encounter displays a key truth: demons desperately want to inhabit bodies and will try to deceive deliverance ministers. Like rats or mice seeking cracks and crevices, demons will enter any available portal. And their access points often surprise believers. 

How Do Demons Enter People?

There are three primary pathways for demonic invasion: inheritance, trauma, and willful involvement with dark practices.

1. Inheritance

Generational curses provide legal rights for demons to afflict future generations. While Scripture says no one born of God makes a habit of sinning (1 John 3:9), habitual transgressions become gateways for demons to gain ground over time. One time at a ministry event during a prayer line, after identifying a blood covenant from 50 generations earlier, the team was able to permanently expel the demons. The lesson? Stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading so you can accurately identify demonic strongholds.  

2. Invasion

Severe trauma often becomes an access point for demonic infiltration. Judas is an example. When Judas became offended over how ministry finances were allocated, the Bible says Satan entered him (Luke 22:3). Abuse, broken homes, addiction – these “invasions” frequently open the door to demonic influence. Wherever there is habitual sin, there is habitation.

3. Inclusion 

Surprisingly, willfully dabbling in sinful practices grants legal access too. Despite God’s clear commands to avoid pagan customs, a stunning 60% of Americans now embrace New Age beliefs. Yoga, horoscopes, psychics, crystals – these popular pursuits sound harmless but can expose people to demonic powers. Secular entertainment and substances lower our guard as well. Pornography, drugs, and alcohol numb people to the dangers of demonic involvement. Tragically, incremental exposure and normalized tolerance ends with full-blown bondage for many. Don’t whitewash the Bible’s sober warnings against idolatry and witchcraft. 

Three Keys

  1. Demons are deceptive, bodiless beings desperately seeking embodiment. We must recognize their schemes and ulterior motives.
  2. Multigenerational sin, trauma, and dabbling with the demonic provide legal access for spirit beings. As kingdom citizens, we must close these doors.   
  3. Scripture presents deliverance as a normal part of gospel ministry. As we grow in discernment and authority, we can set captives free.

Deliverance was central to Jesus’ ministry. As His followers, we should embrace this

commissioning as well. Through a courageous, Scripture-centered approach, the church can reclaim its authority to cast out demons and usher in healing.  By grasping the reality of the demonic realm, we position ourselves to send these trespassers packing!

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