How to Kick Fear In the Face, Overcome Shame, and Find Your True Identity In God 

From Chaos to Clarity

by Pastor Mike Signorelli

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About the Book

Have you reached the point of no return in your walk with Christ?

We live in a time when culture distracts us easily from stepping into a life of fullness through Christ. As the number of voices in our lives has increased, so has the chaos.  Many of us feel powerless to choose and commit to the singular aim of our existence.  This environment does little to inspire us to devote our lives fully to our walks with Christ.  The fickleness so prevalent in our aimless culture infiltrates our hearts and keeps us from pursuing Jesus to the  point of no return.  

I have personally experienced the life transformation that comes from going all-in with Jesus.  I am passionate about seeing people reach the point where they realize that going back to their old ways just isn’t possible.

What People Are Saying

This book will change your destiny. Once I picked it up, I could not set it down until I finished it. We can often be distracted and lose our focus in life and after reading this book, I have the mindset that no matter what I face , I can stay focused and keep on going. This book is written with the truth of the Word and makes you really think. If you want your life to take off then don't miss out!
Lyle O.
From Chaos to Clarity was very encouraging and challenging. Pastor Mike shares stories from his life that are both funny and vulnerable, and he doesnt' shy away from really tough things that are common struggles for many of us. This is a quick read but it isn't shallow, it cuts deep to the heart of many issues and provides spiritual solution. The truths shared here will transform your life if you let them.
Cassie M.