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Our YouVersion reading plans are designed to help you as you move from chaos to clarity in your relationship with Jesus.

Bible Reading Plans from Pastor Mike Signorelli


Why God Removes People

Your purpose and destiny are so close to being fulfilled! God is about to open up major doors in your life and He wants to bring the right relationships and connections to you, but He needs to make room in your life for them. In this 10-day reading plan, Pastor Mike Signorelli of V1 Church, explains why and how God is removing people from your life.


Del Caos a La Claridad

¿Te sientes estancado? ¿Sientes que no conoces tu llamado o que no puedes entrar en tu llamado con un plan claro? El pastor Mike Signorelli quiere guiarte a través de este plan para romper la confusión y ayudarte a obtener claridad mental y emocional.

Help! I Have a Toxic Family!

Help! I Have a Toxic Family!

This 5-day plan from Pastor Mike Signorelli explores breaking free from toxic family patterns through biblical wisdom on spiritual roots behind difficult relationships. Gain insights on rising above dysfunction for your God-given purpose. Though you didn’t choose your family, God did, and He can use you to end generational trauma.

From Chaos to Clarity

From Chaos To Clarity

Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like you either don’t know your calling or can’t step into it with a clear plan? Pastor Mike Signorelli wants to take you through this 5-day reading plan to break confusion and help you achieve mental and emotional clarity. We will unpack the story of Joshua and Caleb and give you a strategy for going from chaos to clarity with Jesus.

Fast Forward

Fast Forward

Fasting is more than a physical act. When done biblically and with the proper heart posture, a fast can “fast forward” you into healing, breakthrough, deliverance, freedom, and answered prayer. Join Pastor Mike Signorelli in this 14-day reading plan and discover how to completely transform your relationship with God through prayer and fasting!

Rip Up The List

Rip Up The List: Renew Relationships

Join Pastor Mike on a 7-day journey through the 7 stages of relationships and be challenged to take your relationships to the next level.

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The Unoffendable Heart

This four-day reading plan takes you through the four chambers of the heart.  Each day Pastor Mike walks you through how to examine your heart for offense and live free from offense!