Breaking Through Demonic Resistance

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Do you ever feel like you’re taking two steps forward, only to be pushed three steps back? Like there’s an invisible force resisting your progress in life? Many of you are experiencing that mental warfare right now, where nothing is physically holding you back, but an unseen resistance keeps you from moving forward.

I’ve been there. Even the Apostle Paul admitted to being “hindered by Satan” (1 Thessalonians 2:18) at times. If someone of Paul’s spiritual authority faced demonic resistance, we shouldn’t be surprised when we encounter it too. The reality is, when you’re doing something big for the Kingdom of God, you’ve got a target on your back.

The Source of Resistance

Sometimes the resistance we face is simply our own flesh or lack of understanding. But often, there’s a demonic element at play, seeking to discourage, tempt, and fill us with doubt and fear. The enemy wants to get inside our heads and convince us to destroy ourselves.

When I stepped out in faith to plant V1 Church in New York City, I experienced incredible resistance. We had barely enough to scrape by from week to week. On the eve of our move, I lacked the funds to secure our first apartment. It wasn’t until a prophetic friend handed me a check for the exact amount needed, with a note saying, “He split the seas so you can walk right through,” that provision came.

The Importance of Covenantal Relationships

One of the key solutions to overcoming demonic resistance is covenantal relationships, not just transactional ones. You can’t do it alone. Just as Jesus sent out the disciples two-by-two, we need each other.

My friend and fellow minister Evan Wilson and I have been through the trenches together. We’ve fought for each other, served each other selflessly, and given each other strength when the other was weak. True covenant says, “I will not leave, no matter what.”

The Power of Knowledge

When Jesus was tempted by Satan, He didn’t sing worship songs – He quoted Scripture, rightly divided. There’s power in knowing and speaking the truth of God’s Word. The enemy comes with lies and false narratives, but we can combat those lies with the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God.

Evan and I have had to endure slander, gossip, and division. But we’ve gone back to the truth of what God said about our vision and calling. We’ve reminded each other of God’s promises when the lies tried to shake our faith.

The Importance of Identity

At the core, our ability to resist demonic resistance comes down to our identity in Christ. Paul didn’t see his title as “Apostle” but as “a servant of Christ Jesus” (Romans 1:1). My titles are “son” and “servant” – I represent the One whose righteousness covers me.

When we’re rooted in that servant identity, clothed in Christ’s righteousness, we realize the resistance isn’t against us personally but against the One we represent. The enemy hates the image of Jesus he sees in us. But we can stand firm, knowing our identity is in Him.

A Prophetic Prayer

Heavenly Father, I thank you for touching those who need this word supernaturally. May your grace and anointing cause them to break through every yoke of bondage. We cancel every demonic assignment against them in Jesus’ name.

Father, you are sovereign over their lives – the enemy is not. Release a breakthrough for them, a supernatural persistence to outlast the enemy’s resistance. Shift their identity to see themselves as ministers of the gospel, called to stand firm for the truth in this digital age.

Unite and connect them with a Spirit-led community to cheer them on and help them complete the journey you’ve called them to. Like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, may they declare, “We will not bow to the things of this world, but we will stand firm for the gospel.”

Thank you for giving us knowledge to combat the enemy’s lies and people to lock arms with in covenant relationship. We praise you for the victory in Jesus’ name! Amen.

The Invitation

If you’re experiencing demonic resistance in your life and calling, you’re not alone. Join a community of believers who can support, encourage, and fight alongside you. My friend Evan has an incredible Creator Academy designed to equip and empower Spirit-led content creators for the digital mission field.

I also have V1 College and The Breakers, communities where we’re doing this together – sharing insights, giving feedback, and strengthening one another for the assignment God has given us. Don’t try to go it alone. As iron sharpens iron, let’s lock arms and press forward into all God has called us to.

The same Holy Spirit in us is in you. If this word has resonated with you, let me know in the comments. And if you’re new here, hit subscribe – because it’s not about making anyone famous, but about being part of a family spurred on to our God-given destinies.

We’re made for more than a life of resistance and hindrance. It’s time to break through into the abundant life Jesus paid for us to walk in. Let’s do this together!


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Breaking Through Demonic Hindrances

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Do you feel slowed down, lethargic, or like you’re taking two steps forward and three steps back? You may be experiencing demonic hindrances in your life. While some Christians attribute everything to the devil, the Bible shows us that demonic forces can very much hinder our walk with God. In this post, we’ll explore what demonic hindrances are from a biblical perspective, how to discern if you’re dealing with them, and powerful keys to break free.

What Are Demonic Hindrances?

The apostle Paul wrote in Ephesians 6:12, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” We’re in a spiritual battle, plain and simple.

Paul himself experienced being hindered by Satan from reaching the church in Thessalonica, as he stated in 1 Thessalonians 2:18 – “…we wanted to come to you—certainly I, Paul, did, again and again—but Satan blocked our way.” If this great apostle faced demonic resistance, we shouldn’t be surprised when we encounter it too.

Demonic hindrances can manifest in various ways:

Mental Warfare

One way is through increased mental warfare – anxiety, irrational worry, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts, etc. Just when you think you’ve gained victory over anxious thoughts, they can resurface with intensity. This could be a demonic attack on your mind.

Physical Infirmities

In Luke 13, Jesus healed a woman who had been crippled by a “spirit of infirmity” for 18 years. Some physical conditions have spiritual roots that require deliverance, not just medical treatment.

Blockages and Distractions

Hindrances may come as distractions, delays, or blockages trying to keep you from your God-given purpose and destiny.The enemy doesn’t want you advancing in your impact for the Kingdom.

How to Discern Demonic Hindrances

So how can you tell if you’re dealing with a demonic hindrance versus just your own flesh and human limitation? Here are some ways to increase your discernment:

1. Increase Discipline

One key is to increase your discipline, which will increase your discernment. Push yourself to do what your flesh doesn’t want to do. If you’re able to do it through sheer discipline, it may not be a demonic hindrance. However, if you experience intense, supernatural resistance, it could have a spiritual force behind it.

2. Maintain a Disciplined Prayer Life

Those who spend consistent time in prayer and intimacy with God will become more attuned to discerning the Spirit’s voice and spiritual realities. If you find yourself becoming unusually dry or distracted in prayer, it could indicate demonic interference trying to cut you off from the voice of God.

3. Watch for Patterns

Demonic hindrances often arise right before you’re about to go to the next level or advance in your calling and purpose. The enemy doesn’t want you leveling up, so he tries to throw obstacles and distractions in your way. Recognize the patterns and cycles.

Breaking Free from Demonic Hindrances

Once you’ve discerned the reality of demonic hindrances in your life, it’s time to break free! Here are biblical strategies:

1. Repent and Crucify the Flesh

While not everything is the devil, we do open legal grounds for the enemy through unrepentant sin and fleshly desires. Repent wholeheartedly, crucify the flesh daily, and remove any lifestyle habits or toxic connections that could give demonic forces access.

2. Break Soul Ties and Connections

The Bible speaks of being “soul tied” or bound in intimate relationships like marriage (Genesis 2:24). Ungodly soul ties with people through sin give demonic forces permission to oppress. Boldly break these ties in Jesus’ name.

3. Speak the Word of God

Jesus defeated Satan’s temptations by speaking the Word of God. We must do the same, using the sword of the Spirit – the word of God – to directly resist and command demonic forces to be broken off our lives in Jesus’ mighty name.

4. Change Atmospheres

Certain atmospheres and environments can be so saturated with fleshly living and sin that it makes it difficult to break free from oppression. Change locations, cut off toxic relationships, stop consuming unedifying media – change the atmosphere around you to create a space for God’s presence.

5. Stay Connected

We’re not made to fight alone! Stay connected and accountable to other believers who can pray in agreement with you and support you in your journey of freedom. There is power in unified, corporate prayer to tear down strongholds.

Demonic hindrances are very real opposition that all believers face at some level. But we don’t have to stay stuck! Through consistent discipline, discernment, and applying biblical strategies, we can break through every obstacle and experience greater realms of freedom and authority in Christ.

The enemy doesn’t want you operating in your full potential and spiritual inheritance. But Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8) and gave you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions – every force of the enemy (Luke 10:19). Take up the weapons of your warfare, church! It’s time to level up and leave demonic hindrances behind.


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The Power to Cast Out Demons: Walking in Your Divine Purpose

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For part 1 of this blog, click here

As believers, we all have access to the same Holy Spirit power that Jesus operated in to set the captives free. It’s time we walk in our divine purpose as believers and commissioned Breakers [for more information on The Breakers course, click here]

Confronting Sin through True Repentance

The first step in the deliverance process is confronting sin. Merely confessing sins is not enough. We need true repentance that produces lasting heart transformation. Repentance goes beyond feeling guilty – it’s actively changing your mind and purpose when you gain new knowledge of God’s ways. 

This involves renouncing selfish behaviors and anything that partners with demons. We can’t just want freedom from demons – we must hate the sin that gave them access in the first place. Deliverance without repentance leaves the door wide open for demons to return. When we repent, it legally cancels their access.

Breaking Generational Curses 

The next phase in deliverance is identifying and breaking any generational curses that have taken root in our bloodline. Demons gain access through 10 primary sources:

  1. Willful, unrepentant sin
  2. Occult practices 
  3. Inherited family iniquity
  4. Unforgiveness 
  5. Unhealed wounds and trauma
  6. False religions
  7. Ungodly soul ties
  8. Curses spoken over our lives
  9. Addictions
  10. Fears and phobias

As we thoroughly examine our past and family history, the Holy Spirit will bring revelation of what needs to be broken. We must verbally cancel any contracts and renounce activities that allowed demons to gain legal rights. The sins of our ancestors can’t be ignored; they open doors that require active shutting.

Casting Out the Demons

After doing the groundwork of repentance and breaking curses, casting out demons itself becomes much easier. Their legal rights have been revoked! We can boldly command them to leave in Jesus’ name, sending them to the abyss. 

Deliverance is not a special gift reserved for elite believers – it’s the birthright of every Spirit-filled Christian. We all have access to the resurrection power that raised Jesus from the dead. There’s no need for more training or to wait for ordination. We develop authority through hands-on practice as we step out in boldness. 

Activate Your Divine Purpose  

God desires to use every one of His children in the deliverance ministry. There are countless people afflicted and oppressed who need freedom – including unsaved loved ones, coworkers, friends, and strangers in public places. Don’t wait for them to come to you; take the deliverance power of Christ out into your everyday world. Hospitals, prisons, schools, streets, businesses – the commission is unlimited.

We have the same Holy Spirit who enabled Jesus to cast out demons with a word. As we repent of sin, break curses, and cast out evil spirits, we fulfill our divine purpose as Breakers and change agents in this hurting world. No matter your background, experience, or education, if you’re a born-again follower of Christ, you have everything needed to confront the forces of darkness. It’s time to walk in boldness, step into your authority, and do the greater works promised in Scripture!

Your key takeaways are the absolute necessity of repentance preceding deliverance, the diverse ways generational curses operate, and our authority as believers to cast out demons through the Spirit’s power. May we apply these insights, stepping into our true identity and purpose as breakers! The world is waiting for the manifested sons and daughters of God to arise.

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Why Do Demons Come Back After Deliverance?

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Have you ever experienced deliverance from demonic oppression, only to find yourself struggling with the same issues again later on? You’re not alone. Many believers have gone through deliverance and casting out of demons, yet found themselves in bondage again soon after. 

I want to provide crucial insight into why demons can return after deliverance. Understanding the reasons why will equip you to stand strong when the enemy tries to regain ground in your life.

Emotional Trauma Gives Demons Legal Ground

One of the most common reasons demons return is unresolved emotional trauma. New York City is known for the critters that lurk in the walls and underground – rats.  My city has a major rat problem, partly because of the garbage accumulation on streets without alleys. No matter how many rats you remove, if the trash remains, it creates a breeding ground that attracts more rats.  

In the same way, casting out demons deals with the “rats,” but if you don’t take out the “trash” of emotional wounds and trauma, it gives demons legal rights to keep entering your life. Deliverance is meant to work hand in hand with inner healing, counseling, repentance, and renewing the mind.  Removing demons through deliverance doesn’t eliminate the need to work through root issues that give them access.

So if you’ve gone through deliverance, take time for honest self-reflection. Is there any unforgiveness, bitterness, rage, rejection, or other emotional trauma you haven’t resolved? These can provide footholds for demons to return. Bring these areas to Jesus, ask Him to reveal roots that need healing, and seek biblical counseling. Removing debris clears out breeding grounds so demons have no place to inhabit.

You Have a God-Given Purpose and Destiny

Another eye-opening reason for demons returning is simply that you have a major purpose and destiny from God. The enemy wants to do anything possible to prevent you from fulfilling your calling.

Therefore, the degree of spiritual warfare and demonic attack you face is an indicator of how powerfully God wants to use you! The devil would not waste time harassing people who pose no threat to his kingdom. But when he sees you have an anointing that could change lives, he pulls out all the stops to discourage and immobilize you. 

Start to see the battles you face as confirmation of who you are and how God wants to use you for His glory. Persevere in the power of the Holy Spirit knowing your struggles mean you are called and equipped to do damage to the enemy’s kingdom through fulfilling your God-given assignment. Lean into Jesus and let Him fight for you as you walk out your purpose. The enemy wouldn’t be bothering you if you weren’t a serious threat!

Some Demons Pretend to Leave

When doing deliverance ministry, we have to remember that demons are deceitful. Sometimes a demon will pretend to leave during deliverance, and the person manifests relief. But upon closer discernment, it becomes clear the demons actually remained. 

As Jesus said, Satan is the father of lies! Demons can put on quite a show and fool people into thinking they left, when in reality they are lying low, waiting for the next opportunity. 

This is why we must rely fully on the Holy Spirit, not just formulas and rituals. Trusting discernment from the Holy Spirit rather than assuming the demons are gone is key. Pay attention to any check in your spirit indicating more work may be needed. Don’t be deceived by demonic tricks – only the Holy Spirit truly knows if they have left.

You Must Resist Demons After Deliverance 

Getting free of demons through deliverance is just the starting point. Maintaining freedom requires learning to stand your ground against them. We must resist the enemy so he will flee (James 4:7). We can’t be passive; we must fight back!

Practical ways to resist include reading Scripture out loud, praying in the Spirit, declaring God’s truths aloud, and renouncing any footholds the enemy tries to use against you. Put on worship music to fill the atmosphere with praise. Don’t give demons any place in your thought life, conversations, or decisions.

The battles won’t end after deliverance; you must keep resisting actively. But the more you fight back, the more victory you will walk in! Submit to God wholeheartedly and keep your sword (the Word of God) sharp through studying Scripture. Embrace the fights knowing you are called and empowered to win them!

Surround Yourself with Others Who Will Stand with You

Finally, we can’t fight alone. We need trusted brothers and sisters in Christ to stand in agreement with us. There is exponential power when even just two or three join together in Jesus’ name.

David defeated Goliath alone, but later he needed help from his mighty friend Abishai to defeat Goliath’s brothers. Humility requires recognizing you need support. Seek out wise, seasoned believers who can fight alongside you in prayer and encouragement.

And know that as you change, God often brings new spheres of relationships with those who can run at your pace. Don’t isolate; God’s army advances together. The enemy wants to make you feel alone, but you have comrades in arms. Stand firm together and victory is assured!


The next time you face demonic oppression after deliverance, remember these insights. Deal with emotional wounds that give demons legal rights. See the attack as a compliment confirming your destiny. Remember demons lie and pretend to leave. Commit to actively resisting through God’s Word and Spirit. And surround yourself with trusted believers who will fight with you. Jesus is with you, and His power ensures you will walk in ultimate victory!

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Prayers that Rout Demons: My Interview with Apostle John Eckhardt

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Deliverance ministry has become increasingly mainstream in recent years, even being depicted in major Hollywood films. Yet dangerous misconceptions about deliverance persist. In this interview, I have the supreme honor of speaking with deliverance pioneer Apostle John Eckhardt to set the record straight. We discuss foundational prayers and principles for effective deliverance.  

Introducing Apostle John Eckhardt

Apostle John Eckhardt is a father of deliverance ministry. When I first got involved with deliverance in the 1990s, I turned to Apostle John for wisdom. Apostle John graciously trained Pastor Mike despite his young age, equipping him for deliverance ministry. 

This interview promises to impart some of that same wisdom to us today. Apostle John has decades of experience casting out demons and setting captives free. He is also a prolific author, with books like Prayers That Rout Demons teaching foundational deliverance principles. Let’s glean some of his hard-earned insights.

The Nature of the Demonic Realm

Apostle John first explains that demons have names and unique functions, just as described in Scripture. Some are more wicked or “high-ranking” than others. But all are subject to the authority of Jesus’ name. As believers, we have power over every demonic entity.

Some of the most common spirits Apostle John encounters in deliverance include spirits of rejection, rebellion, bitterness, lust, pride, and fear. These demons often work together in groups. For example, rejection can open the door for lust or pride to take root. Identifying the root issue is key.

His bestselling book Prayers That Rout Demons contains sample prayers targeting each of these areas. By using our authority to forcibly evict demons in Jesus’ name, we can find freedom. But passivity and unrepentant sin gives demons legal access to remain in our lives.

The Power of Self-Deliverance

After being trained by Apostle John, I was shocked to manifest demons during self-deliverance. This prompted a discussion about self-deliverance. Apostle John confirms that self-deliverance is biblically valid and important for maintaining freedom. 

Jesus told us to first remove the plank from our own eye before helping others (Matthew 7:5). This implies dealing with our own demons before setting others free. While we can seek deliverance ministers for help, learning to exercise authority over the enemy personally is vital. 

Self-deliverance primes us to walk in consistent freedom. Through renouncing sin, breaking curses, and audibly commanding demons to leave in Jesus’ name, we can evict the enemy from our lives. Of course, not all demons leave automatically or easily. Deliverance is often a lifestyle and process over time. But self-deliverance equips us for the journey.

Breaking Curses and Legal Rights 

Building on this topic, I asked Apostle John about overcoming curses and legal rights. He explains that demonic curses give demons a foot in the door. Sins like bitterness or witchcraft involvement can allow demons to stubbornly remain in a person’s life. 

Even after renouncing the sin, any resulting curses must also be broken in Jesus’ name, removing the enemy’s legal access. Jesus’ death and resurrection redeem us from every curse. But we must verbally activate that redemption through faith.

When deliverance seems hindered, curses may be the culprit. We should ask Holy Spirit to reveal any areas where the enemy has legal rights. Once identified, curses can be broken, shutting the door to further demonic control.

Maintaining Order in Deliverance Ministry

Given the rise of deliverance ministry today, I asked Apostle John for wisdom. He wants to ensure this new generation practices deliverance with Biblical order, not chaos. Apostle John offers several valuable recommendations.

First, build a solid Biblical foundation and get trained by reputable ministers who walk in wisdom. Remain submitted to good local church leadership and accountable relationships. Don’t go off as a renegade minister without oversight or covering.

Also, keep deliverance simple – no gimmicks, just exercise authority in Jesus’ name with compassion. Rely on gifts of the Spirit while staying grounded in the Word. Maintain holiness and a lifestyle of prayer, worship, and obedience. Demons hate holy believers walking in genuine authority.

Finally, integrate deliverance into the full context of Christian ministry. Deliverance works hand-in-hand with preaching the gospel, healing the sick, and operating in all the Spirit’s gifts. Let love and the Word guide every aspect of deliverance.

Prophesying a New Move of God

In closing, Apostle John prophesies that God is releasing “new things” in this season. New authority, favor, revelation, and more are coming to equip believers for revival. A fresh prophetic wind will blow. The old religious structures will crumble.

God is anointing new voices and new generations to go further than ever before. There will be new worship, new songs, new miracles, new salvations! The prophets are arising with kingdom declarations on their lips!

Get ready for the new move of the Spirit. Our King of Glory is doing unprecedented wonders in the Earth!

Key Takeaways

Here are some key takeaways from Apostle John Eckhardt’s wisdom and prophetic insights:

  • Deliverance ministry centers on exercising Jesus’ authority to evict demons in His name. 
  • Self-deliverance is vital for walking in consistent freedom and victory.
  • Solid Biblical foundation protects against deliverance errors and excess. Stay submitted.
  • Break all curses and legal rights giving demons access to someone’s life.
  • Demons hate holy believers operating in genuine Spirit-led authority and power. 
  • A fresh prophetic move of God’s Spirit is coming with new miracles and revival.

Apostle John’s decades of deliverance ministry experience shine through this interview. May we apply these lessons to see captives set free and revival blaze across the nations!

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Mcdonald’s Giving Tarot Readings? The Rise of Astrology and the Occult in Mainstream Culture

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Astrology and other occult practices like tarot card reading have become increasingly mainstream in recent years. Major brands are now openly embracing and promoting these practices in very overt ways. As a Christian, I find this deeply troubling and believe we must return to God’s Word for guidance. My goal is to expose these deceptive practices and equip fellow believers with discernment.

The Shocking Partnerships Between Brands and the Occult

We have recently seen some shocking partnerships between fast food brands and astrology/tarot practices. For example, McDonald’s offered discounted menu items on specific dates based on a current astrological phenomenon called “Mercury in retrograde.” They also partnered with a TikTok tarot card reader named Madame Adam to provide McDonald’s-themed tarot readings. 

Del Taco similarly offered astrology-based deals during the “Mercury in retrograde” periods this year. Their website promotes turning this “negative time” into a “win-win” with special deals. Dole went even further by publishing 12 zodiac-themed salad recipes for National Salad Month. Each salad supposedly appeals to the personality traits associated with each astrological sign.

There is clearly a double standard here. These companies celebrate astrology and tarot without controversy. Yet other brands like Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby are vilified by mainstream culture for exalting Christian values. The occult influence has now moved from subtle to overt.

The Rise of Astrology and Occultism in Our Culture

A Newsweek article traces the rise of astrology and occult practices in our culture today. Millions of people, including those who consider themselves non-religious, now look to astrology and tarot readings for life guidance. Being a Christian with biblical morals is viewed as controversial. But mainstream brands can now openly promote astrology without much backlash.

For example, I visited a bookstore in Brooklyn that had no Bibles or Christian books in the religion section. Yet it was filled with materials on astrology, tarot, and other spiritual practices. This shows how hostile our culture has become to biblical truth.

The article in Newsweek even admits that food brands are latching onto astrology for marketing purposes. They don’t necessarily believe it. But they know appearing “cool” and “progressive” sells products to impressionable consumers. This further confirms that financial gain, not genuine belief, is motivating much of this promotion.

Biblical Perspective on Astrology and Occult Practices

As Christians, we must filter these trends through the lens of Scripture. The Bible expressly forbids occult practices like astrology, tarot, and sorcery. These are not harmless hobbies but fundamentally deceptive spiritually.

For instance, Isaiah 47:13-14 says:

“You are wearied with your many counsels; Let now the astrologers, the stargazers,And the monthly prognosticators stand up and save you From what shall come upon you. Behold, they shall be as stubble, The fire shall burn them; They shall not deliver themselves…” (NKJV)

The prophet pronounces God’s judgment on those who practice astrology and other occult arts. They will ultimately be burned up like worthless stubble, unable to save themselves.

In Daniel 4:7, King Nebuchadnezzar called on his astrologers and sorcerers to interpret his dream. But they were unable to do so, unlike Daniel who had the true gift from God. This shows astrology is a counterfeit and worthless spiritual practice.

One danger of astrology and tarot is they introduce people to the demonic realm. Even if started innocently, these practices open the door to deeper occult involvement and demonic oppression. I have personally prayed for deliverance for many people previously involved in these things.

The Rise of Perversion as a Sign of Coming Revival

The rise of perversion often precedes true revival. The enemy only promotes his false version so strongly when he knows God is about to move in power. 

This happened in the 1960s, often called the “Occult Explosion,” leading up to the Jesus Movement revival in the 1970s. I believe we may be on the cusp of another great revival today. That is why we are seeing such an upsurge in astrology and other new-age practices. 

The enemy’s strategy is to desensitize people, especially youth, to the occult, as if it’s normal and mainstream. But we must stay grounded in God’s Word and avoid partnering with these practices in any way. The tide is turning. A Third Great Awakening has already begun in the hearts of hungry believers. Let’s keep praying, sharing the Gospel, and exposing the fruitless works of darkness all around us. Jesus will emerge victorious, and every knee shall bow!


What we endorse or oppose spiritually impacts our lives more than we realize. The Bible clearly prohibits astrology, tarot cards, and other forms of sorcery. But the popularity of these practices shows biblical morality declining in our culture today. 

Yet I believe a Great Awakening is coming that will bring millions to Christ. The enemy is terrified by what God wants to do, so he proliferates cheap counterfeits. But they will burn up like chaff when Jesus returns. 

As Christians, we must stay rooted in God’s Word for discernment (Hebrews 5:14). Test everything carefully against Scripture, even when it’s promoted by huge brands and celebrities. Our loyalty belongs to Christ alone. Keep praying for revival and exposing these deceptions, saints. Our King shall reign forever!

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The Truth About Demons: What the Bible Really Teaches

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Have you ever wondered what the Bible really says about demons? In this blog we’re going to dive deep into the biblical foundations of spiritual warfare. From defining demons to how they operate, this teaching will revolutionize your understanding of the invisible realm. Strap in for a wild ride through Scripture that will equip you to engage in victorious kingdom ministry.

What is a Demon?

Let’s start with the basics – what is a demon? We can distill it down to this simple definition: Demons are persons without bodies.

They have distinctive personalities and represent ungodly lusts. Like a hand animating a glove, demons desperately want to inhabit physical bodies. Their goal is to reenact their sinful tendencies through a person.

Some theologians theorize demons could be disembodied spirits from a pre-Adamic race that perished under God’s judgment. Others suggest they are the spirits of the Nephilim – the hybrid offspring of fallen angels and human women in Genesis 6. While fascinating, I want to keep it simple for now. The bottom line: demons are bodiless beings bent on manifesting their evil through humans.

What Do Demons Want?

If demons are persons without bodies, it’s easy to deduce what they want – bodies! I was praying for a woman as a demon manifested. It initially pretended to leave during prayer. But the Holy Spirit tipped me off that the troublesome spirit remained. Sure enough, when I called it out, the demon revealed itself through raucous laughter and a violently contorted body. 

The encounter displays a key truth: demons desperately want to inhabit bodies and will try to deceive deliverance ministers. Like rats or mice seeking cracks and crevices, demons will enter any available portal. And their access points often surprise believers. 

How Do Demons Enter People?

There are three primary pathways for demonic invasion: inheritance, trauma, and willful involvement with dark practices.

1. Inheritance

Generational curses provide legal rights for demons to afflict future generations. While Scripture says no one born of God makes a habit of sinning (1 John 3:9), habitual transgressions become gateways for demons to gain ground over time. One time at a ministry event during a prayer line, after identifying a blood covenant from 50 generations earlier, the team was able to permanently expel the demons. The lesson? Stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading so you can accurately identify demonic strongholds.  

2. Invasion

Severe trauma often becomes an access point for demonic infiltration. Judas is an example. When Judas became offended over how ministry finances were allocated, the Bible says Satan entered him (Luke 22:3). Abuse, broken homes, addiction – these “invasions” frequently open the door to demonic influence. Wherever there is habitual sin, there is habitation.

3. Inclusion 

Surprisingly, willfully dabbling in sinful practices grants legal access too. Despite God’s clear commands to avoid pagan customs, a stunning 60% of Americans now embrace New Age beliefs. Yoga, horoscopes, psychics, crystals – these popular pursuits sound harmless but can expose people to demonic powers. Secular entertainment and substances lower our guard as well. Pornography, drugs, and alcohol numb people to the dangers of demonic involvement. Tragically, incremental exposure and normalized tolerance ends with full-blown bondage for many. Don’t whitewash the Bible’s sober warnings against idolatry and witchcraft. 

Three Keys

  1. Demons are deceptive, bodiless beings desperately seeking embodiment. We must recognize their schemes and ulterior motives.
  2. Multigenerational sin, trauma, and dabbling with the demonic provide legal access for spirit beings. As kingdom citizens, we must close these doors.   
  3. Scripture presents deliverance as a normal part of gospel ministry. As we grow in discernment and authority, we can set captives free.

Deliverance was central to Jesus’ ministry. As His followers, we should embrace this

commissioning as well. Through a courageous, Scripture-centered approach, the church can reclaim its authority to cast out demons and usher in healing.  By grasping the reality of the demonic realm, we position ourselves to send these trespassers packing!

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Demons: Your Questions Answered

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Pastor Mike recently held an insightful Q&A session after teaching about spiritual warfare and deliverance. His answers provide practical wisdom for engaging in victorious kingdom ministry. Let’s dive into some frequently asked questions believers ask about demons, deliverance, and living free.

Q: What happened to the demons after the pigs drowned? 

Great question! Once the demon-possessed pigs perished, the demons lost their physical bodies. As spirit beings, they aim to inhabit a body to fully manifest their evil intents through a person. 

Without a body, demons wander seeking their next victim. They look for legal rights to inhabit someone, often pursuing people in the same family line or with similar struggles. The passage shows demons’ persistence in finding embodiment. As believers, we must close every foothold so they have no place in us!

Q: When people are addicts, do they have familiar spirits? Are they all the same?

Addiction definitely opens the door to demonization. Mind-altering substances connect to sorcery, giving demons legal access. I believe each addicted person has multiple spirits including spirits of addiction, deception, confusion, and bondage. 

While the spirits target a person’s particular weakness, they operate similarly by compelling uncontrollable, destructive behaviors. To gain freedom, addicts must renounce their sins and cast out the demons influencing them. Deliverance removes the burden of addiction and empowers people to walk in holiness.

Q: I live with an angry, narcissistic spouse. How can I cast this spirit out of him?  

Attempting deliverance on unwilling people often increases resistance and aggression. While you can bind oppressive spiritual forces, the person must personally renounce their sin and evict the demons. 

Focus on being the best spouse possible, praying for your partner, and trusting God to draw their heart. Your love and consistency are the strongest testimonies to win them to Jesus. Let the Holy Spirit convict and transform; He alone can produce real change.

Q: Why did Jesus not cast the demon out of Judas?

Though Jesus certainly could have delivered Judas, He will never override our free will. Judas hardened his heart against Jesus then opened the door to Satan. Jesus always knew Judas would betray Him, but He never coerced or controlled Judas. 

While Jesus ardently desired a relationship with Judas, He allowed Judas to go his own way. We must extend the same grace to loved ones, praying faithfully while refusing to manipulate or force outcomes.

Q: How do I find out what I need deliverance from?  

Excellent question! First, examine areas where you’ve developed habitual sin. Addictions, compulsions, and bondages often indicate demonic influence. 

Also, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal generational sins that created legal access or traumatic events through which demons invaded your life. Renounce inherited sins and traumatic openings so demons lose their footing.

Finally, repent for any occult involvement that gave demons permission to enter, including new age practices, substances, entertainment, and porn. Return to Jesus and renounce activities granting demons access. As we reject enemy influence and align with Christ, He will evict these oppressive forces!

Q: How do I protect myself from my husband’s spirits because he’s addicted to porn?

The best advice I can give you is that you are not responsible for your husband’s sin. You are only accountable for your own vessel, so make sure you are not participating in or giving in to the same sin. Stay holy through the blood of Jesus. Pray for your husband, but don’t enable his addiction. Addicts often hate their addiction and want freedom.

Q: Why are disembodied spirits not in hell?

This may shock you, but Scripture shows Satan still has access to heaven. There will be a final judgment, but we’re not there yet. Rather than ask why spirits are not in hell, ask why you are not using your authority to send them to the abyss through deliverance.

Q: How can multiple people have the same spirit like Jezebel?

Demons are persons without a body. They take on a name, just like people do. Many demons go by the name “Jezebel.” It’s like how many humans are named “John.” The Jezebel spirit refers to demons that operate with the distinct characteristics of the biblical Jezebel.

Q: Is it normal for men to have a harder time with deliverance than women?

This is not a gender issue, but rather a pride issue. Men are often taught to suppress emotions and act tough, making it harder to admit they need deliverance. Pride blocks freedom, not male biology.

Q: Can demons hear your thoughts?

Demons are so familiar with human nature that they can discern our thoughts through observing our behaviors. Resist the devil and he will flee. Don’t become overly preoccupied with whether demons can literally hear thoughts.

Q: How do I make a demon manifest?

Deliverance demands personal holiness and obedience to God. Without a life of prayer, reading Scripture, worship, and moral purity, your authority over demons will be limited. Living holy is the key to moving in deliverance power.

Q: Can I perform deliverance without impartation or authority passed to me?

Yes, every Christian has the authority to cast out demons through the power of Jesus’ name. Deliverance comes through the impartation of the Holy Spirit, not a special prayer or ritual. That said, get trained and mentored by experienced deliverance ministers to learn practical skills.  One way you can do that is with my app, The Breakers, which has a deliverance course. 

Q: Why did I wake up at 3 AM nightly after self-deliverance?

3 AM is known as the witching hour, a time of heightened demonic activity. You may be under spiritual attack from occult practitioners. Build up your spiritual armor through God’s Word, praise, and living righteously. Victory is yours in Christ.


I hope these Q&A highlights from the deliverance livestream provide biblical guidance and dispel misconceptions. Let me know if you have any other questions! The name of Jesus makes demons flee. Walk in the power of the Holy Spirit within you.

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New Days, Old Demons: A Conversation on Spiritual Warfare with Pastor Mark Driscoll

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I recently had the honor of sitting down with Pastor Mark Driscoll to discuss spiritual warfare and ancient demonic spirits that are infiltrating modern society. Driscoll has been a leading voice exposing these dark forces through his new book New Days, Old Demons which released in the summer of 2023.

Our conversation focused on how ancient pagan idol worship is being revived today under the guise of progressive ideologies. Specifically, we see the resurgence of child sacrifice through abortion, sexual immorality, and confusion over gender roles – all trademarks of archaic cults like the worship of Baal and Asherah.

Revival of Child Sacrifice

Pastor Mark Driscoll

Child sacrifice was a common practice in ancient pagan religions, often done to secure favor from demonic spirits. Sadly, we see the same thing happening today through abortion, only now it’s state-funded and justified as “women’s healthcare.” As Driscoll said, “Pro-choice is the name of a demon.”

Just as in Old Testament times, today’s ruling authorities have partnered with pseudo-prophets spreading lies that abortion is acceptable or even virtuous. Scripture warns us that liars and sorcerers will not inherit God’s kingdom (Revelation 22:15), yet pro-abortion advocates are given platforms to spread their lethal message.

During COVID, this upside-down morality was on full display. As Driscoll noted, “We needed to close the church but keep the abortion clinics open because they’re essential. So worship was not essential, but murder was.”

The parallels between child sacrifice then and now are tragically clear. Powers and principalities have been deceiving people into believing the murder of infants is permissible, just as the worshipers of Molech shed innocent blood at their pagan altars.

Sexual Immorality Run Amok

Sexual sin often goes hand in hand with occult practices, numbing people’s consciences and allowing greater depravity. The Old Testament frequently mentions pagan fertility rituals being accompanied by temple prostitution and sexual orgies.

This is not unlike today, where America has plunged headfirst into an abyss of unbridled lust. Pornography, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and gender confusion have become normalized, celebrated, and even promoted to children.

It’s the same demonic spirit of Jezebel, who used her sexuality to manipulate and control others while draining their spiritual power. Sexual sin leaves people weakened and unable to fight evil.

Driscoll traced this back to King Solomon, who disobeyed God by accumulating 1,000 wives and concubines who worshiped false gods. “If you worship the wrong god, then you have power to do evil,” he explained. “If you worship the right God, you have power to do good.”

When we pursue sexual pleasure instead of God, we forfeit His supernatural ability to resist wickedness. The proliferation of sexual sin we see today is directly tied to exchanging the worship of the Creator for the worship of lust.

Gender Confusion and “Woke” Politics

Part and parcel with these ancient demonic spirits is an assault on gender and promotion of radical leftist ideologies. Driscoll stated it well: “Mutilation of children is not a left-right issue. It’s a good and evil issue.”

Supernatural forces are working overtime to blur the distinctions between men and women. Whether it’s transgenderism, pronoun policing, or claiming there are dozens of genders, the goal is dismantling God’s design for masculinity and femininity.

This has opened the door to the “Jezebel spirit” described in Driscoll’s book, which aims to control and castrate men while empowering women to usurp authority over them. Feminism and LGBTQ activism are just modern vessels being exploited by these ancient demons that despise God’s created order.

Make no mistake – progressive politics are greatly influenced by these satanic beings. “Woke” philosophies that sound enlightened on the surface have much deeper roots in the demonic realm.

Spiritual Warfare is Imperative

Confronting these dark agendas requires us to put on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18). The battle is not merely between opposing human factions – it is a cosmic clash of kingdoms.

Christians must engage in intercessory prayer and expose these ancient evils for what they are. Standing on God’s truth is the only way to dispel the lies.

This will provoke spiritual attacks, as evil spirits finance and empower those who do their bidding. But we must remember demons are defeated foes, and the risen Jesus has given believers authority to tread on serpents and scorpions (Luke 10:19).

God is still on the throne, no matter how depraved society becomes. When we align ourselves with His kingdom purposes, we can rest assured the forces of darkness will not prevail.

I’m very grateful to Pastor Mark for shining a light on these urgent matters. I hope these insights will spur all of us to greater prayer awareness and spiritual boldness in these times of demonic resurgence.

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Is Your Mind Being Controlled? What You Need to Know About Marine Spirits, With Jenny Weaver

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Many people are under the control of demonic entities that lie, manipulate, and deceive. These entities are called mind-binding spirits, and some refer to them as the octopus spirit. I’ve learned that demons find access points to invade human lives. Imagine a spirit that turns the head of someone and exercises control. This person, under the influence of an octopus spirit, doesn’t know why they do things they truly don’t want to do in their heart of hearts, but something is controlling them. For instance, many people deal with this type of spirit when it comes to perversion.

Pastor Mike Signorelli sat down to interview Jenny Weaver, founder of Core Group Mentorship, on the subject of marine spirits or octopus spirits.

Jenny Weaver

Jenny Weaver

Where the Head Goes, The Body Goes

Jenny shared that demons have been studying humans for quite some time, and they know how to bring on an attack. Wherever the head goes, the body is going to go. So demons will get into the mind of a person as a way of controlling their bodies. This demon’s tentacle-like arms go into their ear gate to stop them from hearing the truth of the gospel. They go into the eye gate, controlling what they see, or the mouth gate, controlling what they speak. These octopus spirits control every aspect of people’s lives, from the way they sleep to the way they interact with their spouse.

If you cut off the tentacle of an octopus, it grows back. Therefore, you have to find the root. And if you don’t get to the root, it will continuously grow more fruit. You have fruit, but there’s a root somewhere. So mind-controlling spirits will try to get into the mind of a person because once they nest there, they have the person.

You Have The Mind of Christ

Philippians 2:5 says, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” God has given us an instruction. Our mind is supposed to match His mind; the mind that’s in Christ is supposed to be in you. You’re supposed to have God-like thoughts. You’re supposed to have your thoughts under the lordship of Jesus Christ. 2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

People are dealing with the spirit of insanity. They’re dealing with nonstop confusion. And they even know the truth of God. Some of them have received prophecy, some of them have had prophetic dreams. But then there’s double-mindedness because the mind of Christ is trying to compete with this demonic control. And what do they end up surrendering to almost every time? They resign themselves to the demonic. Maybe you’re heavily medicated, spending tens of thousands of dollars in therapy and nothing is changing.

The Root System

Here are some ways Jenny believes that people can come under the demonic influence of mind-controlling demons:

1. Secular music. 

This is an open door for mind-controlling spirits because it sets your mind on the things of the world. The Bible says that those who walk after the Spirit set their mind on the things of the Spirit. But those who walk after the flesh set their mind on the things of the flesh, and they’ll go after those things. So when you’re listening to “Let’s get crunk,” or, “Twerk this, twerk that,” you’re opening up doors for these mind-binding spirits to come in.

2. Gossip.

People don’t even realize that gossiping is a sin. That isn’t a prayer request; it’s veiled gossip. That’s a sin.

3. Witchcraft.

Witchcraft isn’t identified by painting your nails black and wearing a witch hat over a cauldron. Witchcraft is identified by the acronym D.I.M. – domination, intimidation, and manipulation. The Bible talks about the works of the flesh, and it puts domination, intimidation, and manipulation in the category of bewitching and witchcraft.

4. Pharmakeia.

This is a Greek word used in the Bible that means “the use or the administering of drugs, poisoning, sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it.” I find that many people’s issues begin with recreational drug use. They open up these doorways that alter their mind. And even though there may be biological implications to what they’re suffering from, they need deliverance because it’s a spiritual issue.

Conclusion and Prayer

You can find freedom from marine spirits or octopus spirits today. But first, Jenny says, you need to surrender to Christ. You need to bend your knee to Him and come under the submission of God so that you can resist the devil, and he’ll flee. Pray this:

God, I’m turning away from [insert names of sins here]. I’m not going to participate in it any longer or be connected to it. God, I’m committing to you. I’m giving you my word. Lord, forgive me for I have not followed you the way that I need to. God, forgive where I have grown lukewarm or even cold in my walk with You. I used to be on fire, but I’m not on fire. I come to the end of myself today and I’m coming back to the heart of worship. I’m coming back to the foot of the cross. I thank you, Jesus, that you died for me. You rose again and you’re seated at the right hand of the Father. I submit my whole life to you now, every part of me, every relationship, I give you everything now, every single thing.

I command every mind-controlling demon to go to the pits of hell and never return again. I come for the very root of this thing and sever every tentacle, every other demon that is associated and has linked up with the mind-controlling demons. Go now in the name of Jesus as I submit myself fully to God. You must obey the word now and you must flee in the name of Jesus.

I have the mind of Christ. The peace of God will surround me and will guard my heart and my mind in Christ Jesus. I have a spirit of power, love, and of a sound and sober mind in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!

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