How I Cast Out My Own Demons

By July 26, 2022 Deliverance, Demons

I’ll never forget the first time I ever cast demons out.  I wasn’t in a church service praying for people in a prayer line. I was in my bathroom casting them out of myself!  I violently threw up in my bathtub, and I kept thinking to myself, “I can’t believe how real deliverance is.” It’s been over 20 years since that experience, and it is one of the most powerful moments I have had in my life.

I believe that you’re reading this right now because you need freedom. Sometimes we see other people receiving deliverance, and we think, “I long to experience that in my life.” Demons enter our lives because they have legal rights. So in this blog, I’m going to go through all of the legal rights that give demons access, and then I’m going to take you through a guided process of self-deliverance.

How Do Demons Gain Access?

Demons gain legal rights to our lives.  Proverbs 26:2 says, “Like a flitting sparrow, like a flying swallow, so a curse without cause shall not alight.”  That is another way of saying curses are never random. They’re not just like a bird that flies away and just flutters away.  It’s not like, “Oh, a curse landed on my life randomly.” A curse is the result of sin.  Many of us have ancestors both on our mother’s and father’s sides, and as a result of their sin, we inherited a curse.  Primarily, demons want to reside in your physical body, and use their legal rights to stay inside.  We see in the Bible that Jesus cast out the spirit of infirmity.  He didn’t just heal sickness.  So some illness is the result of the spirit of infirmity.

Also, some demons want to abide in your soul, meaning your mind and emotions, and they may have legal access.  So I’m going to give you ten ways that they have legal access, and I want you to try to discern which of these you could be dealing with.

Then the last part of this teaching, which is confession, then renouncing, and then casting out, will actually lead you through the process of self-deliverance.  So let’s start with ten ways demons may have legal access to your life:

1. Committing direct willful sin

This means that you are practicing sin.  You are doing things that violate God’s design and God’s plan.  If you are in direct, willful sin, you don’t always become demonized as a result, but I use the analogy of leaving your front door open to your house.  The longer you leave it open, the more a propensity for an animal or a creature to walk into your home.  In the same way, Saul was vexed by demons because he was in repeated, willful sin.  At the same time David also sinned, but we have no biblical account that demons vexed him because what we do know from the Bible that David was quick to repent.

2.  Practices of the occult

This comes in many different forms, meaning you could have done an Ouija board, crystals, or burning sage thinking that you’re ridding your house of evil, but in fact, you’re inviting it in. There are many different forms of the occult in our lives that give demons legal rights. These include going to a psychic medium and reading your horoscope.

Occult items3. Inheritance/generational 

Often people will tell me, “Pastor Mike, I don’t deal in any way, shape, or form with the occult.  I’ve never dabbled in it,” not realizing that in their lineage, both on their mother’s and their father’s side, there there was unrepentant sin,  which gave a legal right.  And so sometimes people need deliverance from demons connected to the occult, even though they have never practiced that sin.

4.  Unforgiveness

As hard as it is to hear this, scripture tells us that if we do not forgive the one that sinned against us, how can we go before God and ask forgiveness of Him?  And so many times, we ask God, “Forgive me for my sins?” But our forgiveness from God is blocked because there is unforgiveness towards somebody who raped or molested us, somebody who abandoned us or divorced us, somebody who said a hard word, or maybe someone who bullied us.  So you may need deliverance as a result of unforgiveness.  And I’m going to challenge you even to say their name.

5. Trauma

We all encounter trauma, but wounds from trauma are open doors for demons. When you experience trauma there is a break in your conscious, there is a wound in your emotions. Trauma includes rejection. That trauma will actually cause an entry point for a demon.  Sometimes a mother will say, “I never wanted you. I never wanted to have you, I thought about aborting you.”  Rejection can sometimes even happen before birth; you may need deliverance because of that trauma.

Sometimes trauma can be experienced sexually, and to deal with the demons that entered through that trauma.  Many people have told me over the years, “Pastor Mike, I never felt a dark presence before, but when my dad abandoned me at seven years old I began to feel a dark presence, and a voice began to speak to me, saying things like, ‘You’re worthless, you have no value.'”  That demon entered through trauma.

6. False religions

Many people were raised in Hinduism, with idolatry, Islam, or various false religions, and what they think is a deity is actually demonic entity.  The Bible says that Satan comes as an angel of light, and so demons always masquerade as benevolent, kind deities. But it’s not a deity, it is a demonic entity.  It’s a false religion. 

I recently took an at-home DNA test, and was surprised to discover that I have ancestors who come from India, and more specifically, a group called the Brahmin, which were responsible for Hindu temple worship. And so again, when you’re doing self-deliverance, you may not be aware of what has been traveling down through the generations.  You may say, “I was always raised as a Christian,” not realizing that genetically, even in your DNA, in your inheritance, you need freedom from false religion.

hinduism7.  Ungodly soul ties

We know that Jonathan and David were knit together in friendship. We know that the two shall become one in marriage.  Therefore, there’s a benefit to a soul tie.  God uses soul ties.  But wherever there are the purposes of God, there are the perversions of the devil.   You’ll often begin to obsessively think about somebody you slept with and had inappropriate sexual relationships with, fornication, adultery. And your heart will go back to that moment because, in the soul realm, there is an ungodly soul tie. 

8. Curses

Curses can come in the form of spoken words.  Frequently people will curse themselves.  The Bible says that the power of life and death is in our tongue.  And so many people speak death over their destiny, and then you have demons that partner with that spoken word, demons that partner with the curse.  People will say things like:

I’m always going to be poor.  

I will never get ahead in life.  

I will never find true love. 

I always get rejected.

As they begin to say statements like that, they pronounce curses in the form of words.  Understand that the Bible says that in the beginning was the word, Jesus. And so if words are that powerful, and if Jesus is The Word, then when we speak a word over our lives that is contrary to The Word, which is Jesus, we could be living under a curse.

As a matter of fact, there are many people who have even been cursed by words by other people.  We often think about witchcraft as a spell, incantation, or a ritual, but words can also come in the form of, “You’re fat, you’re stupid, you’ll always be alone,” and other people can pronounce curses over us.

9.  Addiction

Demons have legal rights to our life as a result of addiction. Sometimes addiction starts as a counterfeit comfort. For example, “I wanted to smoke a cigarette because I was stressed out.” Or, “I needed to take a drink of alcohol because I’m grieving the loss of a loved one.”  But those addictions lead to open doors to demons, giving them a legal right. Why? Because the Bible says that drunkards will not inherit the kingdom. When one drink turns into empty bottles, you become a drunkard.  Now you are a covenant breaker.  Some Christians confess Christ as their Savior, but don’t let the Holy Spirit become their comfort.  As a result of that, addiction creates legal rights.

Drinking wine10.  Fears and phobias

The Bible says in Hebrews 11:6, “For without faith, it is impossible to please God.”  1 John 4:18 says, “Perfect love casts out all fear.” When we operate in the realm of fear we experience phobias that can become a legal right for the demonic. What does that mean? That simply means we are taking our trust away from God, and moving that trust into ourselves, the medical community, or governments.  And as a result of that, we operate in the realm of fear and phobias. 

Some of us have inherited fear and phobia that runs through our family, and a demonic spirit is connected to that.  How do I know?  Because the Bible says, “I have not given you the spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).   What is that talking about? In the soulish realm, there can be a spirit of fear, but God doesn’t give that to us.  He gives us a spirit of love, power, and a sound mind.


We have gone through the major elements of an actual curse that brings legal rights.

Direct willful sin, the occult and occult practices, inheritances generationally, unforgiveness, trauma, false religions, ungodly soul ties, spoken word curses, addictions, and fears and phobias give the demonic legal rights to your life.  If you identify with any of those areas, it’s time to find freedom.  


Here’s how I found freedom 20 years ago: I began to confess those sins.  You might need to do the same.  It might even involve confessing sins on behalf of the people who have gone before you, who may not be alive right now. For example, you begin to say:

In my family, there’s been an abuse of alcohol.  God, instead of seeking you for comfort, we’ve escaped into alcoholism. And Father, I’m asking for forgiveness.

Father, I’ve gone to a psychic medium for a word, but I should have gone to your word. I should have consulted the scriptures. I should have listened to a pastor but instead consulted horoscopes, and Father, I’m sorry.  I confess that sin; forgive me.


Signs of Manifestation

And then you begin to confess. As you begin to do that, there is a likelihood that demons will begin to manifest. What does that mean?  You may begin to twitch, convulse, or yawn.  Your mouth will open because demons will begin to come out.  You may vomit.  Some of you will burp or belch.  You may even want to stop praying or reading this blog.  But I encourage you to continue to go deeper because you’ll get free.

So, start with confession. Here are a few more example confession prayers:

God, I confess false religions. I admit that, even within Christianity, I spent years in a church that denied the work of the Holy Spirit. I’m sorry, God, I’ve been in false religion.

God, I’m sorry, forgive me; I confess all sins connected to Islam, Hinduism, atheism, agnosticism, whatever that thing is.

God, I confess that I was a fornicator. I slept with these people. I’m obsessively thinking about them, so I sever, and I cut every ungodly soul tie. Forgive me, God.

Father, I’ve been holding unforgiveness against [INSERT NAMES], and I forgive them now.  


The second step is to renounce. When you renounce, you are saying, “I will never go back. I am ripping up the legal contract.”  That is like ripping up a deed or a renter’s contract in the spiritual realm. So as you pray, you’ll say out loud, “I renounce ungodly soul ties. I renounce direct willful sin, occult practices, and false religions.  I renounced spoken word curses. I renounce every word I spoke over my life that was not in alignment with God’s word.” And as you begin to renounce it, you are removing legal rights, which gets you to the last and final step.

Tell the Demons to Come Out

You’ve confessed Jesus as your Savior, the blood of the Lamb has washed you clean. You have now confessed all the sins the Holy Spirit has brought to light. You’ve renounced and broken the curses.  Finally, you need to tell the demons to come out.  You say, “Lust and perversion, come out of me now. You have no legal right; I do not belong to you. You must come out.”  

Be Persistent

The Bible says, “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”  So you must resist.  What does that mean? That means demons are stubborn. Even after confessing, even after renouncing, when you cast them out, they will not want to go. So at this point, you might have voices come out of you that are not you.  But I urge you to be persistent.

For example, you’ll say, “You demon of witchcraft, come out of me now. You demon of control, come out of me now. You demon of manipulation, come out of me now.” And you begin to say that, and you just begin it, “Come out of me now.” And go down the list until you’ve addressed everything you struggle with. “You spirit of unforgiveness, come out of me now. You foul spirit of rejection, come out, out, out.” And after you’ve broken the legal rights, you might manifest.  But here’s the thing – do not forget that you have authority over demons!  As a son or a daughter of the King, you have authority.

You Can Cast Out Your Own Demons

I am so thankful for deliverance workers,  pastors, and ministers that do deliverance, but I believe that this process of self-deliverance is your next level.  Start with you.  Cast demons out of yourself.  

And if you need further information on how to break free, check out this video on breaking ungodly soul ties.

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