How I Cast Out My Own Demons

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I’ll never forget the first time I ever cast demons out.  I wasn’t in a church service praying for people in a prayer line. I was in my bathroom casting them out of myself!  I violently threw up in my bathtub, and I kept thinking to myself, “I can’t believe how real deliverance is.” It’s been over 20 years since that experience, and it is one of the most powerful moments I have had in my life.

I believe that you’re reading this right now because you need freedom. Sometimes we see other people receiving deliverance, and we think, “I long to experience that in my life.” Demons enter our lives because they have legal rights. So in this blog, I’m going to go through all of the legal rights that give demons access, and then I’m going to take you through a guided process of self-deliverance.

How Do Demons Gain Access?

Demons gain legal rights to our lives.  Proverbs 26:2 says, “Like a flitting sparrow, like a flying swallow, so a curse without cause shall not alight.”  That is another way of saying curses are never random. They’re not just like a bird that flies away and just flutters away.  It’s not like, “Oh, a curse landed on my life randomly.” A curse is the result of sin.  Many of us have ancestors both on our mother’s and father’s sides, and as a result of their sin, we inherited a curse.  Primarily, demons want to reside in your physical body, and use their legal rights to stay inside.  We see in the Bible that Jesus cast out the spirit of infirmity.  He didn’t just heal sickness.  So some illness is the result of the spirit of infirmity.

Also, some demons want to abide in your soul, meaning your mind and emotions, and they may have legal access.  So I’m going to give you ten ways that they have legal access, and I want you to try to discern which of these you could be dealing with.

Then the last part of this teaching, which is confession, then renouncing, and then casting out, will actually lead you through the process of self-deliverance.  So let’s start with ten ways demons may have legal access to your life:

1. Committing direct willful sin

This means that you are practicing sin.  You are doing things that violate God’s design and God’s plan.  If you are in direct, willful sin, you don’t always become demonized as a result, but I use the analogy of leaving your front door open to your house.  The longer you leave it open, the more a propensity for an animal or a creature to walk into your home.  In the same way, Saul was vexed by demons because he was in repeated, willful sin.  At the same time David also sinned, but we have no biblical account that demons vexed him because what we do know from the Bible that David was quick to repent.

2.  Practices of the occult

This comes in many different forms, meaning you could have done an Ouija board, crystals, or burning sage thinking that you’re ridding your house of evil, but in fact, you’re inviting it in. There are many different forms of the occult in our lives that give demons legal rights. These include going to a psychic medium and reading your horoscope.

Occult items3. Inheritance/generational 

Often people will tell me, “Pastor Mike, I don’t deal in any way, shape, or form with the occult.  I’ve never dabbled in it,” not realizing that in their lineage, both on their mother’s and their father’s side, there there was unrepentant sin,  which gave a legal right.  And so sometimes people need deliverance from demons connected to the occult, even though they have never practiced that sin.

4.  Unforgiveness

As hard as it is to hear this, scripture tells us that if we do not forgive the one that sinned against us, how can we go before God and ask forgiveness of Him?  And so many times, we ask God, “Forgive me for my sins?” But our forgiveness from God is blocked because there is unforgiveness towards somebody who raped or molested us, somebody who abandoned us or divorced us, somebody who said a hard word, or maybe someone who bullied us.  So you may need deliverance as a result of unforgiveness.  And I’m going to challenge you even to say their name.

5. Trauma

We all encounter trauma, but wounds from trauma are open doors for demons. When you experience trauma there is a break in your conscious, there is a wound in your emotions. Trauma includes rejection. That trauma will actually cause an entry point for a demon.  Sometimes a mother will say, “I never wanted you. I never wanted to have you, I thought about aborting you.”  Rejection can sometimes even happen before birth; you may need deliverance because of that trauma.

Sometimes trauma can be experienced sexually, and to deal with the demons that entered through that trauma.  Many people have told me over the years, “Pastor Mike, I never felt a dark presence before, but when my dad abandoned me at seven years old I began to feel a dark presence, and a voice began to speak to me, saying things like, ‘You’re worthless, you have no value.'”  That demon entered through trauma.

6. False religions

Many people were raised in Hinduism, with idolatry, Islam, or various false religions, and what they think is a deity is actually demonic entity.  The Bible says that Satan comes as an angel of light, and so demons always masquerade as benevolent, kind deities. But it’s not a deity, it is a demonic entity.  It’s a false religion. 

I recently took an at-home DNA test, and was surprised to discover that I have ancestors who come from India, and more specifically, a group called the Brahmin, which were responsible for Hindu temple worship. And so again, when you’re doing self-deliverance, you may not be aware of what has been traveling down through the generations.  You may say, “I was always raised as a Christian,” not realizing that genetically, even in your DNA, in your inheritance, you need freedom from false religion.

hinduism7.  Ungodly soul ties

We know that Jonathan and David were knit together in friendship. We know that the two shall become one in marriage.  Therefore, there’s a benefit to a soul tie.  God uses soul ties.  But wherever there are the purposes of God, there are the perversions of the devil.   You’ll often begin to obsessively think about somebody you slept with and had inappropriate sexual relationships with, fornication, adultery. And your heart will go back to that moment because, in the soul realm, there is an ungodly soul tie. 

8. Curses

Curses can come in the form of spoken words.  Frequently people will curse themselves.  The Bible says that the power of life and death is in our tongue.  And so many people speak death over their destiny, and then you have demons that partner with that spoken word, demons that partner with the curse.  People will say things like:

I’m always going to be poor.  

I will never get ahead in life.  

I will never find true love. 

I always get rejected.

As they begin to say statements like that, they pronounce curses in the form of words.  Understand that the Bible says that in the beginning was the word, Jesus. And so if words are that powerful, and if Jesus is The Word, then when we speak a word over our lives that is contrary to The Word, which is Jesus, we could be living under a curse.

As a matter of fact, there are many people who have even been cursed by words by other people.  We often think about witchcraft as a spell, incantation, or a ritual, but words can also come in the form of, “You’re fat, you’re stupid, you’ll always be alone,” and other people can pronounce curses over us.

9.  Addiction

Demons have legal rights to our life as a result of addiction. Sometimes addiction starts as a counterfeit comfort. For example, “I wanted to smoke a cigarette because I was stressed out.” Or, “I needed to take a drink of alcohol because I’m grieving the loss of a loved one.”  But those addictions lead to open doors to demons, giving them a legal right. Why? Because the Bible says that drunkards will not inherit the kingdom. When one drink turns into empty bottles, you become a drunkard.  Now you are a covenant breaker.  Some Christians confess Christ as their Savior, but don’t let the Holy Spirit become their comfort.  As a result of that, addiction creates legal rights.

Drinking wine10.  Fears and phobias

The Bible says in Hebrews 11:6, “For without faith, it is impossible to please God.”  1 John 4:18 says, “Perfect love casts out all fear.” When we operate in the realm of fear we experience phobias that can become a legal right for the demonic. What does that mean? That simply means we are taking our trust away from God, and moving that trust into ourselves, the medical community, or governments.  And as a result of that, we operate in the realm of fear and phobias. 

Some of us have inherited fear and phobia that runs through our family, and a demonic spirit is connected to that.  How do I know?  Because the Bible says, “I have not given you the spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).   What is that talking about? In the soulish realm, there can be a spirit of fear, but God doesn’t give that to us.  He gives us a spirit of love, power, and a sound mind.


We have gone through the major elements of an actual curse that brings legal rights.

Direct willful sin, the occult and occult practices, inheritances generationally, unforgiveness, trauma, false religions, ungodly soul ties, spoken word curses, addictions, and fears and phobias give the demonic legal rights to your life.  If you identify with any of those areas, it’s time to find freedom.  


Here’s how I found freedom 20 years ago: I began to confess those sins.  You might need to do the same.  It might even involve confessing sins on behalf of the people who have gone before you, who may not be alive right now. For example, you begin to say:

In my family, there’s been an abuse of alcohol.  God, instead of seeking you for comfort, we’ve escaped into alcoholism. And Father, I’m asking for forgiveness.

Father, I’ve gone to a psychic medium for a word, but I should have gone to your word. I should have consulted the scriptures. I should have listened to a pastor but instead consulted horoscopes, and Father, I’m sorry.  I confess that sin; forgive me.


Signs of Manifestation

And then you begin to confess. As you begin to do that, there is a likelihood that demons will begin to manifest. What does that mean?  You may begin to twitch, convulse, or yawn.  Your mouth will open because demons will begin to come out.  You may vomit.  Some of you will burp or belch.  You may even want to stop praying or reading this blog.  But I encourage you to continue to go deeper because you’ll get free.

So, start with confession. Here are a few more example confession prayers:

God, I confess false religions. I admit that, even within Christianity, I spent years in a church that denied the work of the Holy Spirit. I’m sorry, God, I’ve been in false religion.

God, I’m sorry, forgive me; I confess all sins connected to Islam, Hinduism, atheism, agnosticism, whatever that thing is.

God, I confess that I was a fornicator. I slept with these people. I’m obsessively thinking about them, so I sever, and I cut every ungodly soul tie. Forgive me, God.

Father, I’ve been holding unforgiveness against [INSERT NAMES], and I forgive them now.  


The second step is to renounce. When you renounce, you are saying, “I will never go back. I am ripping up the legal contract.”  That is like ripping up a deed or a renter’s contract in the spiritual realm. So as you pray, you’ll say out loud, “I renounce ungodly soul ties. I renounce direct willful sin, occult practices, and false religions.  I renounced spoken word curses. I renounce every word I spoke over my life that was not in alignment with God’s word.” And as you begin to renounce it, you are removing legal rights, which gets you to the last and final step.

Tell the Demons to Come Out

You’ve confessed Jesus as your Savior, the blood of the Lamb has washed you clean. You have now confessed all the sins the Holy Spirit has brought to light. You’ve renounced and broken the curses.  Finally, you need to tell the demons to come out.  You say, “Lust and perversion, come out of me now. You have no legal right; I do not belong to you. You must come out.”  

Be Persistent

The Bible says, “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”  So you must resist.  What does that mean? That means demons are stubborn. Even after confessing, even after renouncing, when you cast them out, they will not want to go. So at this point, you might have voices come out of you that are not you.  But I urge you to be persistent.

For example, you’ll say, “You demon of witchcraft, come out of me now. You demon of control, come out of me now. You demon of manipulation, come out of me now.” And you begin to say that, and you just begin it, “Come out of me now.” And go down the list until you’ve addressed everything you struggle with. “You spirit of unforgiveness, come out of me now. You foul spirit of rejection, come out, out, out.” And after you’ve broken the legal rights, you might manifest.  But here’s the thing – do not forget that you have authority over demons!  As a son or a daughter of the King, you have authority.

You Can Cast Out Your Own Demons

I am so thankful for deliverance workers,  pastors, and ministers that do deliverance, but I believe that this process of self-deliverance is your next level.  Start with you.  Cast demons out of yourself.  

And if you need further information on how to break free, check out this video on breaking ungodly soul ties.

My Breakthrough Community is full of people just like you who are hungry for more of God. If you are interested in learning more, consider joining the Breakthrough Community!

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shadow ghosts

The Truth Behind Shadow People, Explained

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So you also see shadow people?  Maybe it’s the ominous figure looming in the corner of your room. Maybe it’s the dark mass at the end of your hallway that’s in a human form that seems to be looking in your direction. Or, like many other people, every single time you walk up the stairs, you may feel as if something is chasing behind you. If you’ve experienced shadow people, maybe seeing an apparition out of the corner of your eye, maybe seeing something that you know has to be more than a figment of your imagination, I want to help you. You are not insane.

shadow ghost

As a matter of fact, I’m going to help you understand what are the shadow people, why do you see them, and then how can you be free from them?

What Are They?

Let me just tell you, they are not people, they are demons.  As a matter of fact, one of the biggest deceptions is that you would believe that they are people. 

Hebrews 9:27
And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

The Bible says that it is appointed to us to live and then to die.  There is heaven and there is hell, there are demons and there are angels here within this realm.  

Why Are You Seeing This?

You may be experiencing these shadow people as the result of open doors of trauma in your life. Oftentimes I’ll ask people, “When did you start to see shadow people? When did you see apparitions and figures?” And it almost always coincides with the divorce of their parents, with sexual trauma, molestation, or other traumatic events that occurred. Sometimes it starts when people do experimental drug usage.  This doesn’t surprise me because in the Bible, when the word sorcery is used, it’s strictly prohibited that we are not to do sorcery.  The Greek word for sorcery is pharmakeia. Many of you know the word pharmacy because pharmakeia and sorcery, or witchcraft go together.  People say, “I started to see black masses and shadow people when I did drugs, but as the drug-induced trip ended, I still experienced shadow people.”  Yes, because it’s not just biological and physical in nature, but also spiritual.

shadow ghosts

How To Get Free

How can you get free? Go back to the place of pain and trauma.  Go back to the place of the open door. Go back to that place.

In Romans 10:9, it says “Confess with your mouth, believe in your heart that Jesus is the Savior and you will be saved.”  So you go back to that place and you allow the Lord to begin to deal with that.  And then as you get deliverance, you get freedom, you confess your sin, you allow Jesus to heal you and forgive you for the things that you experienced that opened up that trauma.  

Then I believe that you can proceed with Ephesians 6:10-13 which says, “Put on the full armor of God so that you can withstand the wiles and the attacks of the enemy.”  The last and final thing that you do is you confront the works of darkness. 

Now I’ve waited till the last part of this video to tell you that my childhood was filled with these experiences and I was absolutely terrified. I was in so much fear.  As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until I was 15 years old that I learned the secrets that I just told you. I said, “Jesus, I surrender my life to you, I belong to you, but I wanna receive your Holy Spirit.”  

Acts 1:8 says, “After the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will receive power.”  I’ll never forget because I had basically poltergeist-like experiences in my home. But if you knew the trauma, if you knew the witchcraft and things that came through family members, it wouldn’t be any surprise to you what I experienced.  I stood up, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and I’ll never forget, I confronted.  Why?  Because now I had the boldness of the Holy Spirit.

Here’s the thing: You are powerless without Jesus, but you are powerful through Jesus.  You are more than a conqueror. And so I empower you now. I encourage you to begin to step in the direction of confrontation because you don’t have to live under that spirit of fear. Jesus has come to give you love, power, and a sound mind.

Here are some additional videos I suggest if you’d like to dig deeper and get freedom:

Casting Out Demons for Beginners

How to Cast Out Demons By Yourself

What Are Spiritual Spouses?

My Breakthrough Community is full of people just like you who are hungry for more of God. If you are interested in learning more, consider joining the Breakthrough Community!

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10 Signs That You Have a Demon

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Do you feel you may have a demon, but you’re not entirely sure?  Maybe it’s the flesh, or perhaps you’re just going through a hard time. Or, maybe something deep inside of you is asking if you could have one or more demons and be unaware.  In this blog I’m going to give you 10 signs that you may have a demon, and then at the end we are going to pray a powerful prayer.  

Confrontation vs. Conquering

Just because your pastor may not confront the works of darkness doesn’t mean that the works of darkness are not confronting you.  The book of Ephesians tells us that we are in a spiritual battle.  We are not fighting against people but against principalities, powers, rulers, and high places (Ephesians 6:12). So what does that mean? It means that some of the problems you encounter in your life may be demonic, but because you never confronted the demonic, you are not conquering. Confrontation and conquering go hand in hand. You can only conquer what you confront.  If you confront the flesh, you will conquer the flesh.  The Bible says that you should crucify it (Galatians 5:24).  So if you confront your flesh and say, “Not today, flesh!  I’m crucifying you. I don’t care what you want!”  You will have victory over the thing that you confront. Conquering and confrontation go hand in hand.  If you never confront the demonic, you will never conquer the demonic.  

ConquerorDiscipline vs. Deliverance

You may have been trying to fight what you are suffering from with a pill. But if you need deliverance from the demonic, you can’t take a pill prescribed by a psychiatrist or a doctor that will solve the problem. No surgery will help if the source of your illness is demonic. No amount of therapy will help if it’s demonic.  Now I’m not diminishing surgery, therapy, or medication, but what I’m trying to say is there are problems in the physical and there are problems in the spiritual.  We have created a Christianity where it’s always the flesh; it’s always a need for discipline.  Sometimes, though, there is a need for deliverance.  

The Real Jesus

I don’t think every issue is a demon.  But if you are a pastor and do ten, twenty, thirty years of ministry and nothing ever manifests in your churches, I have to ask you – was Jesus ever really there?  In Mark 1, the first time Jesus shows up at a synagogue, a demon starts screaming, “Why are you here to torment me?”  When the Holy Spirit shows up in a church service, the demons begin to scream, “Why are you here to torment me?”  We’re not tormenting the demonic because the real Jesus is not in our midst. We invite the Jesus of religion, we invite the Jesus of tradition, we invite social justice warrior Jesus, or republican Jesus, or democratic, liberal Jesus. But yet, we don’t invite the real Jesus.  When we invite the real Jesus into our services, demons will begin to manifest.  

Throughout this blog, you’ll see me use the word “victim” in reference to the person who has a demon. I’m using the term victim because you truly are a victim if you have a demon. You shouldn’t feel guilt or shame.  But allow this list of ten points to help you identify whether you need deliverance and then pursue freedom!  Don’t allow yourself to continue to be terrorized by a demon!  Freedom is available to you!  

1. You have an irrational, uncontrollable aversion to the things of God

Sometimes not wanting to go to church results from a demon not wanting to be in the atmosphere of the actual presence of God.  Maybe you can easily watch garbage television or online content full of lust and sexual perversion, murder, and crazy things.  But yet you can’t watch worship or a church service.  This is a sign that you may have a demon.  

2.  The ability to speak languages completely unknown to the victim   

Whatever God has, Satan has a counterfeit.  In Acts 2, we see people speaking in other human languages that are known and declaring God’s mighty works. You best believe that Satan is going to distort and pervert that.  I have seen people speak in demonic tongues that are not known to the person.   

How do you know the difference between real and counterfeit tongues?  Just like a bank teller handles money frequently and can easily spot a counterfeit, the more you’re in the presence of the Holy Spirit the more you can tell what’s real and what is counterfeit. Develop your own prayer language and relationship with the Holy Spirit. Then, you can clearly discern between false and real tongues.    

3. You have a knowledge of things unknown to the victim

If you are a child of God, the Holy Spirit will teach you all things.  But as I mentioned above, there is always a counterfeit with the enemy.  So, what does the devil do? He also will give you hidden knowledge.  One of the reasons why people go into witchcraft or the occult is to know things. 

Psychics, mediums, witches, and warlocks are seeking knowledge.  The devil will give people knowledge and reveal things they could not possibly know. Some will say, “I have had premonitions my entire life. I felt like I’ve known things.”  Just like in the Old Testament, young Samuel was brought into the temple to be trained under Eli so that he could develop the prophetic gifting; I also believe that Satan grooms people. Demons groom people under a counterfeit spirit of prophecy.  

4. The person will already know that they have demons inside them.

Sometimes a man or woman of God is just there to confirm what the victim already knows.  A wise minister will check and verify though.  It’s similar to going to the doctor to get a diagnosis. How many people have died from undiagnosed cancer because the doctor didn’t check? If you are a pastor and minister and have people coming to you saying, “I think I need deliverance,” you should check and not assume everything is fine!

Let us not forget Ananias and Sapphira, who suffered the highest consequence for lying by omission to the Holy Spirit.  If you are a pastor and someone comes to you saying, “I think I need deliverance,” but you’re afraid to pray for them because you’re a spiritual coward, you need to stop telling them they don’t have a demon!  Deliverance is the children’s bread, and your refusal to discern the spiritual could mean holding back freedom from somebody.  You will be accountable for that before the throne of God!

5. You experience basic demonic manifestations

Some basic manifestations that may occur by a victim of demon possession are:

  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Yawning
  • Shaking
  • Convulsing
  • Contorting
  • Not being able to make eye contact 
  • Eyes going back and forth
  • Gagging, choking, or vomiting 
  • Mocking laughter 
  • Getting lightheaded
  • Heart palpitations 
  • Burping

SneezingThis is not an exhaustive list, and the presence of any one of these things can’t tell you if you have a demon.  Ultimately you must rely on the Holy Spirit, coupled with experience to discern.

6. Intrusive thoughts

When you have repeated intrusive thoughts, that’s an indicator that those thoughts are demonic.  I’ve heard news stories of someone grabbing a baby and throwing them off a balcony, killing the infant.  This person had no prior criminal record and had never so much gotten a parking ticket.   They escalated straight to murder because they struggled with repeated intrusive thoughts, but the origin of was demonic. The Bible says the devil came to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10)  If your thoughts are telling you to kill, that’s the devil on assignment.  

Similarly, intrusive thoughts can be of lust and perversion.  Understand that not all sexual desire is lust. God gave us sexual desire as a gift.  He said to be fruitful and multiply in Genesis. So it is healthy and normal to have sexual desire.  But when it becomes obsessive, perverse, and ultimately uncontrollable, you need to discern if it’s demonic.  

7.  Uncontrollable behaviors

Sometimes tics that people have are demonic. If you treat all tics like they’re demonic,  then you will show a lack of empathy and understanding for people who have this as a purely physiological issue. 

But in Mark 5 there was a young man who was bound by demons who had uncontrollable behavior. They put him in chains because he had supernatural strength.  There are other instances of uncontrollable behavior in Jesus’ deliverance ministry.  Some had supernatural strength, some screamed uncontrollably, one man threw himself into the fire.  No human being would do that willingly.  Human nature is self-preservation. If you have uncontrollable behaviors like cutting yourself or self-harm and feel like you can’t get a grip on it, the demonic is at play.  

8.  Unexplainable illness

Jesus cast out the spirit of infirmity.  In Luke 13:11, we see evidence of a spirit of infirmity.  It says in this verse, “Behold there was a woman who had a disabling spirit for 18 years, and she was bent over and she couldn’t straighten herself up.”  Many people would say she needs a chiropractor or physical therapy.  But Jesus discerned that this was a spirit of infirmity.  

In contrast, not all sicknesses are demonic.  When Jesus healed ten lepers, he didn’t cast out the spirit of leprosy.  He healed them.  So need to discern between the spirit of infirmity and physical infirmity. One requires deliverance, one requires healing.

9.  Unexplained paranormal activity

Sometimes there are demons in the atmospheres of homes. The Bible says when you cast them out, they go roaming around arid places, and then they come back seeing everything swept, and they want to come back in. Here’s the thing: demons do not want to just float around your house.  They want to live inside of you.  However, there are times when you’ll see physical paranormal activity happen, which could point to possession.   

GhostI’ve seen this evidenced by cabinets slamming, doors slamming, boxes being thrown, foul smells, and strange shadows.  Some may say their homes have ghosts.  There is no such thing as a ghost. What we refer to as ghosts are demons masquerading as deceased people. Maybe in a moment of grief, you started talking to dead loved ones, and the devil used it as an open door.  

10.  You have tried Christian disciplines and still struggle with repeated sin 

Maybe you have tried it all.  You read the Bible every day, pray daily, listen to worship, fast, and have gone to pastoral counseling, but you can’t get free; you may have a demon.  

If you do have a demon, dive into these resources for finding freedom.  I suggest going through them in this order to follow a process for self-deliverance:

Casting Out Demons for Beginners

How to Cast Out Demons By Yourself

How to Cleanse Your House from Evil Spirits

My Breakthrough Community is full of people just like you who are hungry for more of God. If you are interested in learning more, consider joining the Breakthrough Community!

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How to Get Free From Lust Once and For All

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Do you feel guilt and shame every time you give into sexual sin? Do you feel like God is calling you to a life of holiness, but you can’t just fully step in? Maybe you have surrendered to God, but you can’t get control over this one area. Perhaps it started as loneliness and turned into sexual sin because you keep returning to a relationship (friends with benefits).  

Not only do I pastor a multi-site church, but I’m somebody who has openly shared my testimonies of being set free from sexual sin. So I’m going to give you three things to help you finally break free from sexual sin.  Then we will pray a powerful prayer together to break the chains off you.    

1. Break the Trance.  

Lust causes you to come up under a trance. It is a way of thinking where you rehearse things over and over. Human beings are wired for a state of continual thinking and meditation.  Our human brain is built for repetition.  The repetition of lustful thoughts produces a trance.


Colossians 3:5 

Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry.

Let’s talk about your earthly nature. You are a physical body.  The desire to have sex is not wrong. As a matter of fact, it’s not just a desire, but one of the reasons God created sex is to procreate, and he commanded that we would be fruitful and multiply.  He gave sexuality as a gift.  So the desire in and of itself is not wrong.  You may have been led to believe that it was wrong, but in and of itself, sexual desire is not wrong. 

I remember reading a story about a fox that was wounded. This wounded fox came to a home, limping and bleeding.  The house owner had so much compassion for this fox that he began to feed it. He bandaged his wounds and cared for it. Sooner or later, the fox got to the point where it was so strong and rehabilitated that it ended up viciously attacking the owner and his child and killing them. 

This story made me think about how sexual desire is like that wounded fox. It shows up as loneliness. It shows up as, “My life is so hard, I just need a moment of pleasure.”  We begin to feed it.  What we don’t realize is that we’re strengthening a killer.   That fox does not belong in your house!  In the same way, you are feeding that desire. It shows up as brokenness. It shows up as something in our life that we make an excuse for because we feel deserving of it, and then all of a sudden, we begin to strengthen it to the point where it eventually destroys us and maybe our children too. 

The thing that you let live is the thing that eventually kills you.  So if you let lust live, it will kill you, your destiny, your peace of mind, and your next level.  Colossians 3:5 says, “Put to death sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires, greed which is idolatry.”  What does that mean?  

Stop feeding it! Break the trance!

2.   Worship Continuously.

2 Corinthians 10:5

We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

David was a worshiper.  He understood how to repeat and rehearse victories. So when he stood in front of Goliath, he said, “Hey Goliath, I defeated the lion, I defeated the bear, and surely I’ll defeat you.”  What he was doing was repeating and rehearsing his victories. 

Lust and perversion make you repeat shame, guilt, and condemnation. When you go to worship God, lust says, “What are you doing? Don’t you remember what you did?” And lust repeats your failures. So you must learn how to take those thoughts captive and worship continuously.  

It’s not about a lack of discipline. You’re already disciplined into lust.  There’s not a day that you don’t lust and operate in perversion.  You have already proven you can be consistent and disciplined. You need to reallocate your discipline towards the things of God.  Reallocate your discipline from the works of darkness toward the works of righteousness.

1 Peter 5:5

“God opposes the proud

    but shows favor to the humble.”  

False humility says, “God, I just keep going back to lust; I can’t defeat this thing.” Genuine humility says, “God, I’m not praying as I should pray; I haven’t made time for your word.  God, it’s you that I’ve left out.”  God shows favor to the humble.  Worship continuously with a humble heart and see freedom from lust once and for all. 

3.  Clean House.

If you want to get free from lust once and for all, you have to get serious about applying the warning the Apostle Paul gave in Romans 12.  

Romans 12:2

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

The world is polyamorous.  The world has multiple different outlets for their sexuality.  The world says to do whatever feels good.   But Romans 12 means that sometimes we have to clean house.  Jesus said it is better to cut off your hand because you continue to sin than to lose your entire body to the flames.  

Think of it this way.  Most of us are born with two hands, and we put much of our identity into that fact.  We have learned to do everything in life with those two hands.  If we were to lose one, it would feel as if our identity had shifted. We would have to reorient how we do everything in life.  We used to write, type, drive, and eat with the hand you lost, and now we have to learn to do everything without that appendage.  Everything would have to change.  This is the same with lust.  But wouldn’t you rather have to figure out how to live without lust than lose your whole life because of lust?  

clean houseIn cleaning house, you may have to delete some apps off your phone.  You may have to block numbers of friends with benefits.  You may have to remove the things that are a part of your identity. But that is the key to freedom – it’s removing a part of you that is cancerous so that you can save the rest.  

These three steps do not in and of themselves produce lasting victory over lustful thoughts.  The Bible is not an instruction manual for sexual repression; it’s so that you will be sexually satisfied and sexually fulfilled.  But lust can never be fulfilled. Lust is insatiable.  The only way anyone can attain true sexual fulfillment is through the covenant of marriage. But you cannot solve lust with marriage because lust is insatiable.  This means you can be married to the right person but wired the wrong way and never be satisfied. You will end up seeking satisfaction through cheating, and if you don’t cheat with another person, you’ll cheat through a screen or video. 

Why should you renew your mind?  So that you can prove what is good and acceptable and the perfect will of God.  Until you renew your mind, you can’t prove what the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God is. Every day you wake up, you have thousands of new brain cells through neurogenesis.  The Bible says His mercies are new every day.  That means when you wake up every single morning, you have thousands of new brain cells that were created while you slept.  

Every day you wake up, you have another opportunity to transform your brain.  You have another opportunity to renew your mind.  It can’t be fixed by deliverance. You can be delivered from a demon, but if the habitat that that demon created remains, they come back wanting to take more territory and bring their friends. If you don’t learn the convergence of discipline with deliverance, renewing your mind every day,  you will not reverse it and stay free.  

You don’t have to live in guilt, shame, or condemnation.  You don’t have to live under that mental and emotional burden.  You don’t have to live bound by demons.  There is freedom from lust, once and for all.  


Let’s pray right now:

Father, I take captive every single vile, demonic, lustful, perverse thought now, in the name of Jesus. Everything I have viewed through lust and pornography and things that I’ve experienced through trauma, molestation, rape, promiscuity, and perversion of all kinds, right now I take it captive in the name of Jesus.  I pull down every single stronghold that has erected itself up against your Word. 

Father, I thank you that freedom is coming now.  You are giving me righteous fulfillment of my sexual desires through my spouse. God, I thank you that you are bringing me into the covenant of marriage to fulfill my sexual desires.  I am not going to be repressed, but I am going to be completely and totally free.  

Father, I’m not going back. Father, I repent. I thank you that you are faithful and just to  forgive those who repent.  Father, I repent.  I’m not blaming it on demons, Lord.  It’s on me. I turn my heart back to you right now. God, I belong to you now. 

Every spirit of lust and perversion, I command you to go in the name of Jesus. I break your power, command you to lose me, and let me go.  Come out of my mind, come out of my appetite, in the name of Jesus.  Lust of the eyes, come out in Jesus’ name. Lust of the hands, out in Jesus’ name.   Every single curse of lust and perversion is broken in the name of Jesus.  


If you have been involved in the occult or witchcraft, I encourage you to check out my blog “How to Cleanse Your House from Evil Spirits.” 

My Breakthrough Community is full of people just like you who are hungry for more of God. If you are interested in learning more, consider joining the Breakthrough Community!

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How to Cast Out Demons By Yourself

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In my first blog about self-deliverance, I laid a foundation for how and why self-deliverance is biblically possible.  Now we are going to focus on the practical.  This is a crash course on breaking generational curses, casting out demons, and finding freedom by yourself.   You don’t have to live in bondage and wait for the next church service or conference to be free. Instead, you can experience freedom right where you are – in your home, office, or car!  

Please know that even though you might be by yourself during this process of self-deliverance, you are not without help!  You can trust the Holy Spirit will help you through this deliverance process. I want to prepare you that you might experience some unusual physical manifestations as we go through this process. Symptoms like yawning, vomiting, burping, and ears popping are common.   

Step 1:  Repent

Galatians 3:13
Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us—for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who is hanged on a tree.”

Repentance is acknowledging that you deserve the full penalty for your sin. 

Romans 6:23
For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The wages of sin are death but the gift of God is eternal life. We deserve sin and death as a payment for our sin.  

Romans 3:23
For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God

The people in your bloodline sinned on your mother and father’s sides.  Because of that, you deserve the curse.  You deserve death and hell.  But when you repent, the curse of sin is broken.  

Galatians 3:14
So that in Christ Jesus the blessing of Abraham might come to the Gentiles, so that we might receive the promised Spirit through faith.

I am the seed of Abraham and his blessing is mine. What does it mean? It means I’m a sinner, but I am engrafted into Abraham’s spiritual lineage. I have access to all his blessings. 

Let’s start with a prayer of repentance to get our lives set right.  Pray out loud: 

I repent for all of my sins.  Father, forgive me. Wash me clean with your blood.  I give my life to you in full surrender.  All that I am, all that I ever will be, belongs to you now, Jesus.  I accept the work of the cross.  I am completely and totally free.  In Jesus’ name, amen.  

If you prayed that prayer with faith, you are now a believer.  So don’t go back and say, “I’m not saved,” or doubt your salvation.  You are free.  Your spirit is free.  You’re redeemed, and you’re going to heaven.  

Some may experience difficulty in praying that prayer of repentance.  Even the physical act of getting the words out can be challenging for some who are heavily afflicted.  Some may experience vomiting or a physical reaction.  If that’s you, you have to get the words out, “Jesus Christ is Lord of my life.”   Continue to say it until you can get the words out of your mouth because repentance is our first step.  

Repentance always requires action. Your repentance may include throwing away or destroying items that were involved in your sin.  These can include occultic items or addictive items like cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, or pornography. I encourage you to accompany your repentance with action to see lasting fruit!  

Step 2: Renounce

Now that your spirit is redeemed and free, we will move to your physical body and your soul.  Demons can hide in your physical body and your soul, which is your mind, will, and emotions.  To get freedom in those areas, you will need to go through the process of breaking curses or renouncing.  

To renounce, pray this out loud and with authority:

I break and release myself from all generational curses and iniquities as a result of the sins of my ancestors in the name of Jesus.

I break and release myself from all curses on both sides of my family, back 60 generations.  

I break all curses of witchcraft, sorcery, and divination in the name of Jesus.  

I break and release myself from all curses of pride and rebellion in the name of Jesus.

I break and release myself from all curses of death and destruction in the name of Jesus. 

I break and rebuke all curses of sickness and infirmity in the name of Jesus.  

I break and release myself from all curses of poverty, lack, and debt in the name of Jesus.

I break and release myself from all curses of rejection in the name of Jesus.

I break and release myself from all curses of double-mindedness and schizophrenia in the name of Jesus.  

I break and release myself from the curse of Jezebel and Ahab in the name of Jesus.

I break and release myself from all curses of divorce and separation in the name of Jesus.

I break and release myself from all curses of lust and perversion in Jesus’ name. 

I break and release myself from all curses of confusion and mental illness in the name of Jesus.

I break and release myself from all curses of idolatry in Jesus’ name.

I break and release myself from all curses causing accidents and premature death in Jesus’ name.

I break and release myself from all spoken curses, from all negative words spoken against me and by others and by those in authority and I bless them.

I break and release myself from all self-inflicted curses by negative words I have spoken.  


Step 3: Cast Out

All believers have the authority to cast demons out.  

Mark 16:17-18 (KJV)
And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

You are not exempt.  The authority that Christ has given you works for you just like anyone else.  That means that when you cast out demons in this step, you will experience deliverance.  

Say this loudly and boldly:

I command every demon hiding and operating behind a curse to come out of me in the name of Jesus.  You are no longer welcome in my body or soul, and you have no right or authority to be here.  I cast you out in the name of Jesus.  Every demon of depression, anxiety, fear, torment, every demon coming from curses from the bloodline of oaths and contracts, we break it in the name of Jesus and cast you out in the name of Jesus.  

You are now free!  

If you have been involved in the occult or witchcraft, I encourage you to check out my blog “How to Cleanse Your House from Evil Spirits.” 

My Breakthrough Community is full of people just like you who are hungry for more of God. If you are interested in learning more, consider joining the Breakthrough Community!

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How to Overcome Anxiety

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The infrastructure to diagnose, treat, and medicate anxiety and depression, including pharmaceuticals and medications, is valued at 42 billion dollars.  Anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults in the United States and are considered the most common mental illness in the U.S.  If you find yourself struggling with anxiety, I have good news for you: you don’t have to live trapped by anxiety.  

Two Types of Anxiety

There are two types of anxiety: normal anxiety and anxiety disorder.  Normal anxiety is a system installed in your physical being by God to help keep you alive. For example, if you are in the woods and a predator jumps out at you, you have a system built into your body that tells you you need to decide within milliseconds. Do you run, or do you stand your ground and fight? If you are in college and you have a paper due, it is normal to feel a bit of anxiety and pressure.  Normal anxiety regulates your life and helps you to become successful. 

When we talk about anxiety in this blog, we are not talking about normal anxiety.  We aren’t talking about the minor anxiety you may feel if you wake up at 8:59 am and have to be at work by 9:00 am. We are speaking about anxiety disorders in this blog.  Normal anxiety elevates to the realm of anxiety disorder when it becomes out of order (dis-order).  God himself says He is not a God of disorder but peace (1 Corinthians 14:33).  The peace of God, or His shalom, brings order.  When the order, or the peace of God, enters your life, it begins to set things straight. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, God has freedom in mind.  

Normalizing Anxiety

We live in a culture that normalizes anxiety because it is all around us.  The more prevalent a problem is, the more acceptable it becomes. The message of our culture is that anxiety levels are exponentially rising around the world.  We have adapted our theology to anxiety and accepted that it is a part of life rather than pursuing freedom.  God gave you a fight-or-flight system, but He did not give you the spirit of fear.  

1 Timothy 1:17 (ESV)
For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

As a culture, we have begun to use the personal pronoun “my” when referring to anxiety: “My anxiety.”  God did not give you panic attacks, so don’t take ownership of anxiety anymore!  Your anxiety doesn’t come from God. Instead, he gives good gifts to His children. 

Acts 2:17 (ESV)
And in the last days it shall be, God declares,
that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh,
and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
    and your young men shall see visions,
    and your old men shall dream dreams;

I want to highlight the portion of this scripture that says, “your sons and your daughters will prophesy.”  Prophecy requires speaking using your words.  If Satan knows that God will cause sons and daughters to prophesy, then strategically, to stop the prophecy, he has to pervert the speech of the sons and daughters.  The devil has had to counter the word of God that says, “I have not given them a spirit of fear.” Instead, his strategy is for them to start taking possession and ownership of that spirit of anxiety and calling it “my anxiety.”

Don’t Take My Anxiety

Nobody likes to have something taken from them. One of the first lessons we learn as children is to share because sharing doesn’t come naturally. We lock our car, house, and possessions because they belong to us. If the enemy can get you to take possession of anxiety and say, “This is my anxiety,” you’ll treat it like the rest of your possessions as something to protect and secure so that it doesn’t get taken.  

If you would like freedom from anxiety, you need to determine that you will NOT refer to the spirit of anxiety as yours.   The first thing that has to happen is to change your words.  You have to take captive every thought that exalts itself against the Word of God.  So the Word of God becomes your standard (2 Cor 10:3-6). So if the Word of God has something to say about how you ought to think, talk, and live, and then a thought comes that starts to elevate itself above the standards, you have to take it captive and tear it down.  These thoughts can come from culture, the medical community, the self-help community, the self-esteem community, secular humanism, or any kind of source.  Tear these thoughts down and say, “No, this is what I choose to believe and stand on instead.”  

The Garden of Gethsemane

Jesus, in the moments before the cross, was in the Garden of Gethsemane praying. During this time, the Bible says that his sweat turned to blood, is a medical condition that happens when you are under severe mental duress.  He was starting the process of facing fear. So not only would Jesus’ body be given for our sins, but His mind also had to go through a preparation process in the Garden of Gethsemane.  

No physical torture or pain had happened yet when he was in the garden.  However, Jesus knew what lay ahead and was instead experiencing the pain of imagining what was ahead of him.  He had to win the battle in His mind in the garden first so that when He said, “It is finished,” on the cross, you could have the victory in your mind. He wasn’t only whipped and beaten so that we could be healed from our sicknesses and infirmities and disease. It started in the garden, where His imagination began to conjure up the thoughts of being attacked, ridiculed, and brutalized in such a great way that his sweat turned to blood.  

Jesus Understands Anxiety

Jesus understands your anxiety, worry, and torment because there was a time that His sweat turned to blood.  He said, “God, if there’s any other way, let it pass.”  That goes to show you how powerful the mind is. The enemy knows Jesus was almost broken in His mind in the garden, so when he is trying to bring you down, where do you think he will fight you the hardest? He’s going to fight you in your mind. 

Steps to Reduce Anxiety

A study by Cambridge showed that women from wealthier areas reported lower anxiety levels than women from poorer regions.  This indicated that those who have the resources to cope with and manage anxiety can lower it to normal levels.  I want to help give you some tools to learn how to cope with anxiety when it comes into your life. The Cambridge study indicates that you can bring the levels into a normal range if you know what to do when you feel anxiety rise.  

Step 1: Know God’s Word

G.K. Chesterton, a famous theologian, said, “Anything worth doing is worth doing badly the first time.”  The anxiety we have in life is often from the fear of being judged by others.  We wonder what people will think about how we speak and look, which increases anxiety.  When we face increased anxiety, we need to draw on the best tool for dealing with anxiety – God’s word.  We remember that, “greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world,” (1 John 4:4) and, “If God be for me who could be against me” (Romans 8:31), and we begin to take back control.  We don’t live and die by the criticism OR praise of people.  We live in response to the voice of God.  

When I speak in front of a large group of people, I can feel so much fear and anxiety in my flesh.  “What are they going to think?”  “Are they going to judge me?”  “Are they going to receive this word?”  But the Holy Spirit reminds me that the Spirit of God dwells inside of me.  He never leaves me or forsakes me and will be with me even to the ends of the earth. Furthermore, he reminds me that I am loved, approved of, and loved even at my darkest. And this causes my anxiety to reduce.  

Step Two: Forgive Yourself

This Cambridge study said that people’s anxiety directly correlates with how much they forgive themselves. If you constantly beat yourself up, you produce anxiety levels that go from average to disordered. Many people who suffer from anxiety disorder constantly think about what they’re doing wrong.  Thoughts like, “Today I didn’t parent as I should,” and “I didn’t get the best grades in my classes,” and “I didn’t read the Bible” plague them. The Bible says, “Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” It is so essential for you to learn how to forgive yourself.  Science from just a few years ago says if you know how to forgive yourself, you’ll be free from anxiety, which reinforces what the Bible said thousands of years ago! 

Step Three: Do Something For Someone Else

Proverbs 11:25
Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.

The study from Cambridge says doing something with someone else in mind will diminish anxiety.  My brother, a nurse, once shared the acronym PAIN with me.  When a patient feels pain, it’s an indicator that they need to Pay Attention Inside Now.  If your heart begins to feel physical pain, no matter where you are, you will pay attention to your insides and get the help you need because you could be having a heart attack.  Some of the most selfish people are the people in the most pain.  Because of their internal woundedness, they can only think of their hurt.  They aren’t able to think of anyone or anything else.  They want to be generous and help other people, but they can’t take the focus off themselves.  

Put on the Oxygen Mask

When you are on an airplane, the flight attendants instruct you that if the oxygen mask descends out of the top compartment, put your mask on first before you place it on your children. Now that’s counterintuitive because a loving parent wants to help their child first, as the child is their most precious thing.  The problem with that way of thinking is that if you don’t put the mask on yourself first, you will probably pass out by the time you even think about getting it on your kid.  When you study your Bible, spend time in prayer, and go to counseling to address your trauma and wounds, you are, in a sense, putting the oxygen mask on first so that you can go out and help other people. 

If you want to lower anxiety, do something with someone else in mind.  I’m going through my struggles right now, as many of us are, but I am refreshed as I pray for others, preach, and reach out to people who feel alone and forgotten.  


God asked Abraham to give Him his son, Isaac.  Isaac was Abraham’s most precious thing in life, a long-awaited gift of God.  Abraham could have been selfish.  But because he was a man of faith, he moved forward with the sacrifice of His son.  And as he did, the angel grabbed his hand, and he knew it was a test.  As you pour out your life, God will refresh you and free you from your anxiety.  

A New Song

Psalm 40:1-3
I waited patiently for the Lord;
   he inclined to me and heard my cry.
He drew me up from the pit of destruction,
   out of the miry bog,
and set my feet upon a rock,
   making my steps secure.
He put a new song in my mouth,
   a song of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear,
   and put their trust in the Lord.

Scripture reprograms your mind scripts re-broke programs your mind.  If you’ve got an old script of anxiety running through your mind, allow God put a new song in your mouth.  When you look back at your life, there is no doubt you can see the faithful hand of God written on every page of your life story. To see your anxiety reduced, stop taking ownership of it.  Know God’s word.  Forgive yourself.  And do something for someone else.  


My Breakthrough Community is full of people just like you who are hungry for more of God. If you are interested in learning more, consider joining the Breakthrough Community!

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Casting Out Demons for Beginners

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If you’ve ever felt intimidated by the idea of casting out demons and wondered where to even start, this is a beginner lesson on how to do so. Casting out demons isn’t just something for super Christians or people who are highly trained.  The Bible says that all believers will cast out demons.  Mark 16:17-18 (ESV) says,

“And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up serpents with their hands; and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

Notice it says, “These signs WILL accompany those who believe.”  If you are a believer, that’s you!  If you believe you believe in Jesus, in His name, it says you will cast out demons. You will speak in other tongues.  You will pick up serpents with your hands and if you drink deadly poison, it won’t hurt you. There is divine protection for those who do spiritual war in Christ’s name.  They will lay their hands on the sick and they will recover.  So if you haven’t seen sick people recover, it is not because God cannot do it through you, it is probably because you have not allowed Him to do so by a simple act of obedience through laying your hands on people and praying.  

Authority Through Jesus

Where does the power to cast out demons come from?  You have authority through Jesus Christ. If you are not under the authority of Jesus, you cannot cast out demons. But, if you are under the authority of Jesus, you can. I have two daughters, and sometimes when they argue, the older one comes to me and says, “Dad, my little sister won’t stop annoying me.”  I tell my daughter, “Go tell your sister that I said to stop it.”  When she goes back to her little sister, now her sister listens to her.  Her little sister doesn’t listen because her older sister has authority, but because I, her dad, have authority, and then delegated it to the older sister.  When the little sister hears her big sister say, “Hey, Dad said you better stop or he’s going to deal with you,” she changes her behavior.  The situation changes when the older sister exercises her delegated authority.  When you are effective at casting out demons, it is not because you are a powerful person, but it’s because you have been given power and authority by Jesus.  The demons respond to Jesus, through you!

Authority and Power

Matthew 12:28 says, “But if it is by the Spirit of God that I cast out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you” (ESV).  Imagine that you are a police officer. The badge you wear is a visible sign of your authority.  The weapon that you carry as a police officer is the power that you use to act on your authority. So, in a sense, Jesus is the visible authority (your badge) and the Holy Spirit is your power (your weapon). If you shoot without a badge, you’re considered a criminal.  Similarly, if you go out and try to fight crime without a weapon, the criminals will easily overpower you.  So to have Jesus without the Holy Spirit means you’re powerless.   It means you have authority but nothing to enforce your authority.  Conversely, to just have the Holy Spirit but not the authority of Jesus is like shooting without a badge. There are people who have tried to cast out demons without belonging to Jesus, and the demons say, “We know Paul, but who are you?” You can try to cast out demons, but in order to be effective, there has to be a reality of your reliance on the Holy Spirit.  

Police OfficerHow Do You Know It’s A Demon?

So, once you have your authority (Jesus) and power (the Holy Spirit), how do you know if you’re encountering a demon? I can personally speak from my experience in deliverance. In deliverance, one needs to constantly diagnose and assess, which requires discernment through the Holy Spirit.  Not every issue is due to a demon.  Sometimes, our issues are due to the flesh.  In some circumstances, a person doesn’t need deliverance, they need discipline.  The Bible tells us in Galatians 5:24, “And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires” (ESV).  You can’t cast out the flesh.  The flesh needs to be disciplined and brought under the control of the spirit. 

Opening Up A Doorway

However, if you perpetually give in to the desires of the flesh, there is a very high likelihood that you have opened up a doorway in your life to the demonic through that repeated sin.   We use discernment from the Holy Spirit to determine what that situation calls for.  The analogy I always give for discerning whether you’re dealing with a demon or it’s the flesh is this.  You have King David and you have King Saul.  King David sinned and made mistakes, but he was quick to repent.  King Saul was unrepentant, which means that the sin in his life was perpetual.  As a result, we see that King Saul was vexed by demons, but we do not have a biblical account that King David was vexed by demons. 

An Open DoorImagine your home.  If you left the doorway to your house open all the time, it’s only a matter of time until something like a squirrel, a stray cat, a rat, or a raccoon comes in.  King David and King Saul were both sinners who made mistakes.  However, the difference was that Saul opened a door through his sin but left it open.  David also opened a door through sin, but immediately slammed it shut through repentance.  Repeated disobedience opens a door to the demonic.  Repentance shuts the door.  

What Do I Say to Cast a Demon Out?

We can look at the biblical accounts of Jesus himself casting out demons in order to determine what to say to cast a demon out.  In every account, it’s different.  He simply has a dialog with the demons.  Jesus never offered a formula, and I believe this is for a very specific reason.  Those who are religious are always trying to learn rituals, formulas, and the words to say.  Witches and warlocks say the right words.  They have incantations and spells that they cast that require specific words.  That’s not what happens with deliverance.  The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will teach you all things.  There is no repetition of specific words.  You must be reliant on your relationship with the Holy Spirit who will then reveal to you what you’re dealing with.  That’s why it’s important to have a heart posture like John the Baptist: “I decrease so that God can increase.”  Over the years, I’ve learned that you don’t get better at deliverance, you become more surrendered to the Holy Spirit.  

The Blood MoonWhat Prevents Effectiveness In Deliverance

What are the things that prevent you from being effective in deliverance? One of the things that will stop you from being effective is pride and unconfessed sin in your own personal life.   It also could be a lack of knowledge, which just means in a certain situation you didn’t know what to do.  Another thing that can prevent your effectiveness in deliverance is that you haven’t built your reliance on the Holy Spirit.  This results in doing ministry out of your head or heart, which is the soul realm, not the spirit realm.  

Where Do You Start?

The first person that you should get good at doing deliverance on is yourself.  The scriptures teach us that there is a necessity to unlock the shackles and chains and “loose thyself.”

The very first deliverance I ever did was my own. As a teenager, I vomited uncontrollably in my shower as I went through the process of breaking curses off of my life and then casting demons out of myself.  It was so liberating and such a confirmation of how real the supernatural realm is.  

So before you cast a demon out of someone else, begin with yourself!

My Breakthrough Community is full of people just like you who are hungry for more of God. If you are interested in learning more, consider joining the Breakthrough Community!

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How to Cleanse Your House from Evil Spirits

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How do you close the door to the demonic and cleanse your home from occultic influences? 

Here are some signs that you need to cleanse your house from evil spirits:

You feel a foreboding presence or darkness. 

This could include the feeling that something is walking behind you, someone is watching you, poltergeist-like activity including door slamming, light switches going on and off, bumps and creaks in the middle of the night, experiencing a supernatural figure/ghost, and hearing voices. Recently I heard the story of a woman who heard a male voice saying, “Shh, it’s gonna be okay,” to her baby and there was no man in the room. It was a familiar spirit.  

There’s a lack of peace in your home. 

This could manifest as an environment of fear, apprehension, worry, dread, and doubt, causing you to be on edge constantly.  

You are holding onto items from another time in your life that you know are wrong.

Maybe you’ve kept items and things from another part of your life that you know are wrong to possess.  

Deuteronomy 11:26-28
“See, I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse: the blessing, if you obey the commandments of the Lord your God, which I command you today, and the curse, if you do not obey the commandments of the Lord your God, but turn aside from the way that I am commanding you today, to go after other gods that you have not known.”

You Have a Choice

Here we see the personality and character of God in offering us a choice.  The Holy Spirit is giving you a choice today.  You can have witchcraft, tarot cards, psychics, mediums, the occult, sage, and crystals, or you can have the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit.  The Prince of Peace can reign in your home, but you have to choose Him. You can’t have a Word from God and a word from your horoscope in the same house. One of the biggest ways that we can be cursed is by acknowledging and worshipping false gods, which include false religions and new age religion, which is the occult.  That is how we are cursed.

According to Galatians 3:13, Jesus died on the cross so that the curse could be broken, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not living under the curse. You have to choose. Jesus paid for us to be completely free from all of the curses, but we still have to make a choice.

Isaiah 47:11-14
But evil shall come upon you,
which you will not know how to charm away;
disaster shall fall upon you,
    for which you will not be able to atone;
and ruin shall come upon you suddenly,
    of which you know nothing.
Stand fast in your enchantments
    and your many sorceries,
    with which you have labored from your youth;
perhaps you may be able to succeed;
    perhaps you may inspire terror.
You are wearied with your many counsels;
    let them stand forth and save you,
those who divide the heavens,
    who gaze at the stars,
who at the new moons make known
    what shall come upon you.

The prophet Isaiah is mocking them: “Yeah, let all the people you watch online that give you psychic words, all the astrologers, all those you call on the phone and they give you a psychic reading, let them come and save you from what God’s about to release on You.”  

God’s Judgement

The judgment of God is real. Jesus’ death on the cross satisfied the wrath of God. The penalty of sin and the consequence of astrology, psychic mediums, accursed items, and occultic practices didn’t go away. The consequence is still there.  Yes, the wrath of God has been satisfied by the sacrifice of Jesus, but the wages of sin is still death. The only hope you have is the blood of Jesus washing you clean and covering your family.  

If you throw a pile of occultic objects in your garbage, but you don’t serve the Lord, then all you’ve done is clean your house. You haven’t cleansed your house.  I’m not talking about doing a house cleaning. I’m talking about cleansing.  

Deuteronomy 7:25-26
The carved images of their gods you shall burn with fire. You shall not covet the silver or the gold that is on them or take it for yourselves, lest you be ensnared by it, for it is an abomination to the Lord your God. The carved images of their gods you shall burn with fire. You shall not covet the silver or the gold that is on them or take it for yourselves, lest you be ensnared by it, for it is an abomination to the Lord your God.

What Is From The Occult?

How do you define something as being from the occult? It is an object that has supernatural influence that is not from God.  They don’t help you, they hinder you and stand between you and God.  Occultic items represent counterfeit comfort.  The only true comfort comes through the living God, Jesus Christ, that you can know and experience and hear clearly through the person of the Holy Spirit. 

Any and every object that represents counterfeit comfort needs to be removed from your house.  Here is a list of items that are associated with the occult that you should cleanse from your home:

  • Astrology
  • Horoscopes
  • Voodoo 
  • Catholic objects such as images of saints, crucifixes, candles, holy water, and catholic prayers 
  • Objects or written prayers that have been used in witchcraft or given to you by a witch 
  • Crystals 
  • Sage
  • Books that influence and change your worldview or philosophical perspective away from a biblical worldview.  
  • Pictures of dragons
  • Items associated with kundalini yoga 
  • Dolls with no faces
  • Tarot cards 
  • Angel cards 
  • Any candles that you’ve lit in a ritualistic way 
  • Toys that draw on or represent the demonic realm (video games, etc)
  • Dream catchers anytime

This is Not Legalism

If were to give you an exhaustive list of all the things you should throw away, that would make me an arbiter of religion, but I’m not here to give you legalism and religion. I’m here to empower you through the Holy Spirit so that you can listen and obey His voice.  No one can tell you what is detestable; only the Holy Spirit can tell you what is detestible to Him.

As a general thought, to simplify things, I believe that if you have to ask if something is of the occult, it’s probably not of God.  

The Blood of the Lamb

When we read about Passover in scripture, the blood of a lamb was applied to the doorpost. The angel of death would pass by and if you did not have the blood of the lamb applied to the doorpost, death would come to your family. Jesus, the perfect lamb, has been sacrificed and His blood has been applied to the doorposts of our lives so the spirit of death passes by.  When you don’t have the blood of the Lamb applied to the doorpost of your life, demonic spirits begin to get access to your home.  So before we can cleanse your home, we need to make sure the blood of the Lamb of God is applied to your life.  We need to start with salvation.  If you question whether or not you’re saved, if you question whether or not the blood of the lamb is applied to the doorpost of your life, then the first step is for us to solidify that.  

Romans 10:9-10 (ESV)
Because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved.

The power is in believing these words:

Heavenly Father, I give you my life. Wash me with your blood, Jesus. Forgive me of all my sins.  I surrender to you. I give you my home.  I give you my family. I give you my children. In Jesus’ name, amen.  

If you prayed and believed that prayer, you are now under the blood!  

Anointing Oil

If you have olive oil, we’re going to anoint your home. In the Bible, oil represents the power, protection, and provision of God. A good shepherd would pour oil over the head of the sheep so that gnats and bugs couldn’t get in their eyes or their ears to cause infestation. 

You don’t need a pastor to come into your house.  The Holy Spirit has given you the same resurrection power that was in the apostles.  So grab a bottle of olive oil and we’ll begin cleansing your home of the demonic.  

Start at the Front Door

Start at the front door of your house.  Anoint the doorpost and begin to pray over your home.  You can pray something like:

Father, as I go through the door and anoint with what represents your power, your provision, and your protection, I release and speak the favor of God in my home.  Divine favor that flows from Jesus.  Not because we’re good, but because You are good.  Father, I thank you for anointing being released to remove the yoke and destroy the power of the enemy.

The Occultic Items

Gather the items you found in your home that represent the occult.  Break them if you can (but be careful not to hurt yourself).  Pray:

Father, you set before me a choice to choose blessing or curse.  I am not going to live under the curse of the occult, witchcraft, or sexual perversion.  I choose the blessing.  

Your Children’s Rooms

Anoint every doorpost to your children’s bedrooms, and begin to pray over each room:

God, we thank you for your fire being released in my house.  I pray that my kids would know you, and that this would be a house of revival.  I pray that this would be a house of prayer, supplication, and devotion.  Stir a hunger and a desire on the inside of us to seek you like never before.  I pray that worship would go out of our houses.  I cancel demonic assignments and pray for the strength and power of God over my children’s lives.  I call my lost children back to God and declare that Jesus will be their first love. 

Your Bedroom

Go to your bedroom and anoint the doorpost.  Enter and pray over the room:

Father, I thank you that even in my place of rest, where I sleep every night, every demonic spirit that would try to thwart my slumber and rob me of rest would be broken right now.  I break the power of every single tormenting spirit, lying spirit, perverse spirit, spirit of sexual immorality under the sound of my voice and tell them to go in the name of Jesus.  

Build An Altar

God doesn’t remove without replacing.  As an end to our cleansing, we’re going to build an altar to the Lord in our home.  Lift your hands as a sign of complete and total surrender.  Repeat after me:

Holy Spirit, you are welcome in my home.  You can have every door, every crack and every crevice.  It belongs to you.  Everything that happens in this home, let it be to glorify you.  Let everything done in secret glorify you in this home. We dedicate our homes to you.  God, I give you the [insert family name] family.  Everything that we’ve ever been, redeem it for your glory. For a thousand generations, through my bloodline, let every generation that proceeds from me glorify you.  As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  Amen.   

My Breakthrough Community is full of people just like you who are hungry for more of God. If you are interested in learning more, consider joining the Breakthrough Community!

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Chemistry and Compatibility

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In a relationship, chemistry and compatibility are important.  We are pretty familiar with chemistry.  It’s the butterflies-in-the-stomach, electric connection you feel when you are near your partner.  Chemistry is almost drug-like, brought on by neurotransmitters and feel-good hormones; it’s almost beyond our control. But what does it mean to be compatible?   Compatibility is defined as “​​the natural ability to live or work together in harmony because of well-matched characteristics, the quality or fact of being in agreement.” Chemistry is automatic but compatibility takes work.  In the event of divorce, there are usually two reasons – incompatibility or infidelity.  And sometimes incompatibility produces infidelity.  

Couple with chemistry and compatibilityGo Back to the Beginning

We often counsel couples who are on the verge of divorce and want to end their marriage.  One of the things we’ll say is, “Let’s go back to the beginning – the memory where you knew they were the one.”  You knew something.  You felt something.  You were convinced that he or she was the one.  We urge couples to put their compatibility struggles out of mind and remember the chemistry.  If you can’t see a future right now, go back to the beginning.  What made you fall in love?    

Couple with chemistry and compatibility

We’ll Do Anything

When we met, I was so obsessed with the idea of marrying my wife.  I was a resident assistant at a college, and didn’t have the money to get her an engagement ring.  I did whatever I could to save in order to get her that ring… I didn’t care what it took!  At the beginning of our love story, we’ll do anything for the person we love.  But, sadly, at the end, we’ll do nothing.  

Lack of Compatibility is No Excuse

Some would say their lack of compatibility is why they watch pornography or hold their spouse in contempt.  I want to exhort the men reading this:  don’t ever lust after another woman if she hasn’t paid the price to bear your children.  Your wife is due respect and honor. When you married your wife, you did not make a mistake.  But when your heart began to wander, you did.  

So how do you fix a marriage that is lacking chemistry or compatibility?  

1. Fun fixes marriages.  

When you laugh you last.  Over the course of our marriage, we have learned how to laugh at ourselves.  We laugh at almost everything.  We even laugh at the weirdness of our bodies as we age and go through the ups and downs of life.  Lust ruins marriage, but fun fixes it.  Make time and space for fun.  Go do the things you did early in your relationship on dates, before the worries of life took over and things got complicated.  Or, go try something completely new together!  Being out of your comfort zone can be an adventure!

Couple with chemistry and compatibility

2.  Focus fixes marriages.  

If your marriage needs fixing, it’s time to change your focus.  Instead of focusing on what is wrong, focus on what’s right.  Stop focusing on dirty dishes.  Buy paper plates.  Are you going to ruin your marriage over dishes?  Refocus on the important things.  

3. Faith fixes marriage.  

Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the evidence of things hoped for and the substance of things not seen.”  Life will not go the way you plan it, but it will go the way you prophesy it.  In faith, declare that you’re going to have chemistry and compatibility.  


Check out our YouVersion plan “Rip Up the List: Renew Relationships” where Pastor Mike takes you on a 7-day journey through the seven phases of romantic relationships. Each day you will be challenged to rip up the list of failures and mistakes and pursue relationships that reflect God’s heart.

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What are Soul Ties and How Do I Get Free?

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Have you moved on to a new relationship, but you’re still lusting after someone you broke up with a long time ago? Do you keep going back in your imagination to connections from the past? Have you blocked your ex and have no way of communicating with them? You may have a soul tie.  

What is a Soul Tie?

A soul tie is when your mind (intellect), will, and emotions become knit together with another person.  There is both a biological and biblical basis for soul ties.  Contrary to what you’ve probably heard, soul ties can occur in various relationships, not just romantic.  

Soul Ties in the Bible

We see soul ties between parent and child in the story of Joseph.  Joseph’s father, Jacob, had a soul tie to his son Benjamin.  

Genesis  44:30-31 (ESV)
“Now therefore, as soon as I come to your servant my father, and the boy is not with us, then, as his life is bound up in the boy’s life, as soon as he sees that the boy is not with us, he will die, and your servants will bring down the gray hairs of your servant our father with sorrow to Sheol.”

In the story of David and Jonathan, the Bible says that they had a soul tie in their friendship.  

1 Samuel 18:1 (ESV)
As soon as he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.

You can even have a soul tie to a leader – spiritual or otherwise.  We see that between Judah and their king David.  

2 Samuel 20:2 (ESV)
So all the men of Israel withdrew from David and followed Sheba the son of Bichri. But the men of Judah followed their king steadfastly from the Jordan to Jerusalem.

The soul tie we hear the most about is the one between a man and woman, established through the act of sexual intercourse or close emotional and intellectual bonding.  

Genesis 2:24 (ESV)
Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

Like a Dog Returns to Its Vomit

I want to start by saying that you can be free if you have an ungodly soul tie to someone.  You don’t have to live in the past.  Maybe you ended a relationship with a narcissist or a toxic person, but there was a sexual component. Perhaps you ended the relationship with the pastor who used or abused you, but there is a remaining spiritual connection.  If you know you’re in a toxic relationship, you need to get free, and you can get free. So often, though, despite our knowledge that we need freedom, we continue to return to that relationship repeatedly due to the tie that connects us with the person.  Why?

Proverbs 26:11 (ESV)
As a dog returns to its vomit,
    so fools repeat their folly.

The Bible says a dog returns to its vomit.  It is a vivid and distasteful depiction and evokes a reaction.  Why would a dog return to its vomit?  A dog’s sense of smell is so keen that it can still perceive the morsels of undigested food present in the vomit.  It can sense a little bit of good among the vomit, which compels it to return and consume something that is otherwise abhorrent. We often behave this way in relationships that have soul ties.  We keep going back because we see a little bit of good in the relationship.  That indicates that there’s a soul tie that needs to be broken.  

Satan’s Counterfeit

Soul ties are not always bad.  There are times when you establish a healthy intellectual and emotional connection with others.  These connections are necessary for us to form healthy attachments that foster security and feelings of well-being.  God has created soul ties so that husbands and wives, family members, and close friends can form secure connections with one another.  But whatever God creates, Satan counterfeits.  Wherever God places purpose, Satan places perversion.  Soul ties can take something God created that is necessary and pervert it into something designed to keep you in bondage.  If you keep accepting a counterfeit, there’s no room for God to replace it with the real thing.  

Colossians 2:2 (ESV)
that their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love, to reach all the riches of full assurance of understanding and the knowledge of God’s mystery, which is Christ,

God doesn’t want you to remove people from your life so you can miss out on relationships.   He wants to remove so that he can replace.  Everything God has is better than what he asks you to give up. He won’t take away a broken relationship without replacing it with a covenant-level relationship.  If you keep settling for counterfeits, you cannot accept the upgrade.  

Cutting the Ties

The scissors for cutting your soul ties are in your hands.  The scissors are the signs that the relationship is unhealthy and ungodly.   

Some signs of unhealthy soul ties are:

  • You know you’re being used.
  • Lack of trust.
  • The relationship has no benefits to you.  
  • There’s an obsessive element to the relationship.
  • You crave the approval of the person.
  • There’s emotional intimacy that’s not beneficial but you keep going back.  

Let’s take our spiritual scissors and cut the ties today if this describes you.  Pray with me:

I break and release every single soul tie now in the name of Jesus. I cut and sever myself from all romantic relationships, spiritually perverse relationships, and past relationships in the name of Jesus.  I renounce every connection that was not from God in the name of Jesus, and I declare that I am free by the blood of Jesus.  I thank you that every chain is broken, mental torment is ending, and obsession is ending.  Whom the Son has set free is free indeed, in the name of Jesus.  Amen.  


Check out our YouVersion plan “Rip Up the List: Renew Relationships” where Pastor Mike takes you on a 7-day journey through the seven phases of romantic relationships. Each day you will be challenged to rip up the list of failures and mistakes and pursue relationships that reflect God’s heart.

My Breakthrough Community is full of people just like you who are hungry for more of God. If you are interested in learning more, consider joining the Breakthrough Community!

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