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Mcdonald’s Giving Tarot Readings? The Rise of Astrology and the Occult in Mainstream Culture

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Astrology and other occult practices like tarot card reading have become increasingly mainstream in recent years. Major brands are now openly embracing and promoting these practices in very overt ways. As a Christian, I find this deeply troubling and believe we must return to God’s Word for guidance. My goal is to expose these deceptive practices and equip fellow believers with discernment.

The Shocking Partnerships Between Brands and the Occult

We have recently seen some shocking partnerships between fast food brands and astrology/tarot practices. For example, McDonald’s offered discounted menu items on specific dates based on a current astrological phenomenon called “Mercury in retrograde.” They also partnered with a TikTok tarot card reader named Madame Adam to provide McDonald’s-themed tarot readings. 

Del Taco similarly offered astrology-based deals during the “Mercury in retrograde” periods this year. Their website promotes turning this “negative time” into a “win-win” with special deals. Dole went even further by publishing 12 zodiac-themed salad recipes for National Salad Month. Each salad supposedly appeals to the personality traits associated with each astrological sign.

There is clearly a double standard here. These companies celebrate astrology and tarot without controversy. Yet other brands like Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby are vilified by mainstream culture for exalting Christian values. The occult influence has now moved from subtle to overt.

The Rise of Astrology and Occultism in Our Culture

A Newsweek article traces the rise of astrology and occult practices in our culture today. Millions of people, including those who consider themselves non-religious, now look to astrology and tarot readings for life guidance. Being a Christian with biblical morals is viewed as controversial. But mainstream brands can now openly promote astrology without much backlash.

For example, I visited a bookstore in Brooklyn that had no Bibles or Christian books in the religion section. Yet it was filled with materials on astrology, tarot, and other spiritual practices. This shows how hostile our culture has become to biblical truth.

The article in Newsweek even admits that food brands are latching onto astrology for marketing purposes. They don’t necessarily believe it. But they know appearing “cool” and “progressive” sells products to impressionable consumers. This further confirms that financial gain, not genuine belief, is motivating much of this promotion.

Biblical Perspective on Astrology and Occult Practices

As Christians, we must filter these trends through the lens of Scripture. The Bible expressly forbids occult practices like astrology, tarot, and sorcery. These are not harmless hobbies but fundamentally deceptive spiritually.

For instance, Isaiah 47:13-14 says:

“You are wearied with your many counsels; Let now the astrologers, the stargazers,And the monthly prognosticators stand up and save you From what shall come upon you. Behold, they shall be as stubble, The fire shall burn them; They shall not deliver themselves…” (NKJV)

The prophet pronounces God’s judgment on those who practice astrology and other occult arts. They will ultimately be burned up like worthless stubble, unable to save themselves.

In Daniel 4:7, King Nebuchadnezzar called on his astrologers and sorcerers to interpret his dream. But they were unable to do so, unlike Daniel who had the true gift from God. This shows astrology is a counterfeit and worthless spiritual practice.

One danger of astrology and tarot is they introduce people to the demonic realm. Even if started innocently, these practices open the door to deeper occult involvement and demonic oppression. I have personally prayed for deliverance for many people previously involved in these things.

The Rise of Perversion as a Sign of Coming Revival

The rise of perversion often precedes true revival. The enemy only promotes his false version so strongly when he knows God is about to move in power. 

This happened in the 1960s, often called the “Occult Explosion,” leading up to the Jesus Movement revival in the 1970s. I believe we may be on the cusp of another great revival today. That is why we are seeing such an upsurge in astrology and other new-age practices. 

The enemy’s strategy is to desensitize people, especially youth, to the occult, as if it’s normal and mainstream. But we must stay grounded in God’s Word and avoid partnering with these practices in any way. The tide is turning. A Third Great Awakening has already begun in the hearts of hungry believers. Let’s keep praying, sharing the Gospel, and exposing the fruitless works of darkness all around us. Jesus will emerge victorious, and every knee shall bow!


What we endorse or oppose spiritually impacts our lives more than we realize. The Bible clearly prohibits astrology, tarot cards, and other forms of sorcery. But the popularity of these practices shows biblical morality declining in our culture today. 

Yet I believe a Great Awakening is coming that will bring millions to Christ. The enemy is terrified by what God wants to do, so he proliferates cheap counterfeits. But they will burn up like chaff when Jesus returns. 

As Christians, we must stay rooted in God’s Word for discernment (Hebrews 5:14). Test everything carefully against Scripture, even when it’s promoted by huge brands and celebrities. Our loyalty belongs to Christ alone. Keep praying for revival and exposing these deceptions, saints. Our King shall reign forever!

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The Dangers of the New Age Movement

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The New Age movement is on the rise, and it’s seducing countless well-meaning people into its web of deception. With its promises of inner peace, harmony, and mystical power, New Age practices seem enticing on the surface. But beneath the veneer lies great spiritual danger. 

There are several core beliefs of the New Age movement, each holding its own danger. 

Counterfeit Community

New Age practices offer counterfeit community and belonging, preying on people’s natural desire for meaningful relationships. Whereas traditional churches have a pastor on stage delivering a sermon, New Age meetings often sit in a circle as “equals” – creating a sense of community. But this community leads people away from Jesus rather than towards him.

Denial of Divinity

Tracing the history and spread of the New Age, it is connected to Eastern mysticism and emphasizes attaining secret spiritual knowledge. According to New Age thinking, humanity’s core problem is not sin but ignorance. We must become “enlightened” and evolve to a higher state of cosmic consciousness. This leaves no room for a personal, loving God or Jesus as savior. New Agers may admire Jesus as a moral teacher, but not as divine. Shockingly, this denial of Christ’s divinity is the very spirit of antichrist warned about in the Bible. 

New Over Old

Other core New Age beliefs include pantheism (the idea that everything is God – people, animals, trees, etc.), optimism in a coming new world order, and the power of human minds to create reality through thoughts, beliefs, and meditation. New Agers are constantly seeking the “new” in place of the “old,” not realizing that God’s truth stands unchanged throughout the ages. Worst of all, New Agers believe human beings can achieve god-like powers and blessings by tapping into their inner divinity. In truth, there is no good in mankind apart from Christ!


Tragically, celebrities like Oprah Winfrey have popularized New Age mysticism by endorsing practices like vision boards and “manifesting.” This is deception, for any power or blessing not flowing from Jesus will ultimately prove burdensome. Satan does “bless” those who fall into New Age bondage – but these blessings lead people away from their only true hope.

While New Age practices seem innocent on the surface, they open doors to demonic oppression by rejecting Jesus Christ and his salvation. As evidence, watch this disturbing video footage of demonic manifestations and deliverances taking place outdoors in a rainstorm. You will see people doubled over, groaning, coughing, and writhing uncontrollably as demons are cast out of them. This shocking footage proves how New Age involvement – no matter how sophisticated – gives Satan direct access to human lives.


In summary, these are the things to be aware of with the New Age movement:

  • It offers a counterfeit community while drawing people away from true church community in Christ.
  • It taps into humanity’s desire for spiritual significance apart from the God of the Bible. 
  • It is fundamentally anti-Christ, denying Jesus as savior.
  • It teaches the divinity of mankind and the power of human thoughts to shape reality. 
  • Its practices open doorways for demons to enter people’s lives and wreak havoc.
  • It “blesses” people with success but these blessings become snares drawing them into deeper deception.

The wise person will avoid the New Age like poison. Jesus alone forgives our sins, transforms our lives by his Spirit, and satisfies our deepest longings. While New Age practices may seem exciting or enlightening, Christians must cling to the unchanging rock of God’s Word and engage in spiritual warfare through prayer. The battle rages as Satan promotes his false religion of self-divinization! May we stand firm until the day of Christ’s return, when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess His lordship.

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