The Secrets to Generational Curses

By February 9, 2024 Deliverance

In a recent conversation, I sat down with Apostle Alexander Pagani to unpack the biblical concepts of generational curses and deliverance in a way that will give you a deeper understanding of walking in spiritual freedom.  He explores this subject in his book The Secrets to Generational Curses, released in the fall of 2023. 

What are Generational Curses?

Apostle Alexander Pagani

Apostle Alexander Pagani

A generational curse is a judgment or adverse consequence pronounced in God’s heavenly court against a person, family, place, or group that committed a serious transgression violating His moral laws. While not every sin leads to a generational curse, those that severely breach God’s standards can bring curses that get passed down through bloodlines from one generation to the next. 

Examples include patterns of poverty, chronic illness, mental health struggles, addiction, relationship dysfunction, and untimely death running through a family lineage. These can be signs of generational curses at work, granting demons legal rights to afflict people in these areas of weakness and sin.

How Do Generational Curses Differ from Demons?

An important distinction is that demons are enforcers of generational curses, not the initiators. They gain access to afflict people who are under these curses, after ancestral sins opened the door generations prior. Deliverance sessions can cast out tormenting spirits but do not deal with the root curses giving them continued access.

Even after deliverance brings temporary relief, recurring issues can indicate a generational curse is still in effect, allowing more demons to return. Understanding this difference is key to finding freedom.

How to Identify Generational Curses

If troubling issues remain or return after addressing personal sin patterns and going through deliverance, it likely points to an active generational curse. God can give insight into ancestral roots of curses through dreams, family history, genealogy research, and recognizing generational patterns.

Common signs include:

  • Mental health struggles or breakdowns running in the family line
  • Chronic, life-limiting illness plaguing multiple family members 
  • Poverty, debt, or bankruptcy through generations
  • Divorce, relational dysfunction, abuse recurring in families
  • Early death of ancestors at similar ages
  • Addiction patterns passed down through bloodlines

If these types of issues persist despite personal repentance, deliverance, and spiritual growth, a generational curse may be at work requiring attention.

Breaking Generational Curses Through Christ’s Power

While generational curses are a heavy thing, the life-changing news is that Jesus’ blood sacrifice doesn’t just forgive our personal sins – it also breaks generational curses when applied in faith! We must plead our case in God’s court, appealing to His mercy through Christ’s redemption. 

Confessing and repenting of ancestral sins that opened the door is key. As we proclaim the blood of Jesus over ungodly soul ties and pronounce His finished work, we can spiritually cut ties with generational curses and walk in freedom! God is faithful and just, and His mercy triumphs over any judgment.

Walking in Full Freedom 

In conclusion, by understanding both God’s relational and judicial dimensions, we can access complete freedom in Christ. Through applying God’s promises, principles and processes, we walk in liberty in spirit, mind and body. This encompasses embracing both forgiveness and cleansing from sin’s consequences. As we plead our case before God’s court through Christ, generational curses are broken! The blood of Jesus sets the captives free. Hallelujah!

For a more in-depth exploration on this topic, I urge you to pick up Apostle Pagani’s book The Secrets to Generational Curses today!  

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