Why Do Demons Come Back After Deliverance?

Have you ever experienced deliverance from demonic oppression, only to find yourself struggling with the same issues again later on? You’re not alone. Many believers have gone through deliverance and casting out of demons, yet found themselves in bondage again soon after. 

I want to provide crucial insight into why demons can return after deliverance. Understanding the reasons why will equip you to stand strong when the enemy tries to regain ground in your life.

Emotional Trauma Gives Demons Legal Ground

One of the most common reasons demons return is unresolved emotional trauma. New York City is known for the critters that lurk in the walls and underground – rats.  My city has a major rat problem, partly because of the garbage accumulation on streets without alleys. No matter how many rats you remove, if the trash remains, it creates a breeding ground that attracts more rats.  

In the same way, casting out demons deals with the “rats,” but if you don’t take out the “trash” of emotional wounds and trauma, it gives demons legal rights to keep entering your life. Deliverance is meant to work hand in hand with inner healing, counseling, repentance, and renewing the mind.  Removing demons through deliverance doesn’t eliminate the need to work through root issues that give them access.

So if you’ve gone through deliverance, take time for honest self-reflection. Is there any unforgiveness, bitterness, rage, rejection, or other emotional trauma you haven’t resolved? These can provide footholds for demons to return. Bring these areas to Jesus, ask Him to reveal roots that need healing, and seek biblical counseling. Removing debris clears out breeding grounds so demons have no place to inhabit.

You Have a God-Given Purpose and Destiny

Another eye-opening reason for demons returning is simply that you have a major purpose and destiny from God. The enemy wants to do anything possible to prevent you from fulfilling your calling.

Therefore, the degree of spiritual warfare and demonic attack you face is an indicator of how powerfully God wants to use you! The devil would not waste time harassing people who pose no threat to his kingdom. But when he sees you have an anointing that could change lives, he pulls out all the stops to discourage and immobilize you. 

Start to see the battles you face as confirmation of who you are and how God wants to use you for His glory. Persevere in the power of the Holy Spirit knowing your struggles mean you are called and equipped to do damage to the enemy’s kingdom through fulfilling your God-given assignment. Lean into Jesus and let Him fight for you as you walk out your purpose. The enemy wouldn’t be bothering you if you weren’t a serious threat!

Some Demons Pretend to Leave

When doing deliverance ministry, we have to remember that demons are deceitful. Sometimes a demon will pretend to leave during deliverance, and the person manifests relief. But upon closer discernment, it becomes clear the demons actually remained. 

As Jesus said, Satan is the father of lies! Demons can put on quite a show and fool people into thinking they left, when in reality they are lying low, waiting for the next opportunity. 

This is why we must rely fully on the Holy Spirit, not just formulas and rituals. Trusting discernment from the Holy Spirit rather than assuming the demons are gone is key. Pay attention to any check in your spirit indicating more work may be needed. Don’t be deceived by demonic tricks – only the Holy Spirit truly knows if they have left.

You Must Resist Demons After Deliverance 

Getting free of demons through deliverance is just the starting point. Maintaining freedom requires learning to stand your ground against them. We must resist the enemy so he will flee (James 4:7). We can’t be passive; we must fight back!

Practical ways to resist include reading Scripture out loud, praying in the Spirit, declaring God’s truths aloud, and renouncing any footholds the enemy tries to use against you. Put on worship music to fill the atmosphere with praise. Don’t give demons any place in your thought life, conversations, or decisions.

The battles won’t end after deliverance; you must keep resisting actively. But the more you fight back, the more victory you will walk in! Submit to God wholeheartedly and keep your sword (the Word of God) sharp through studying Scripture. Embrace the fights knowing you are called and empowered to win them!

Surround Yourself with Others Who Will Stand with You

Finally, we can’t fight alone. We need trusted brothers and sisters in Christ to stand in agreement with us. There is exponential power when even just two or three join together in Jesus’ name.

David defeated Goliath alone, but later he needed help from his mighty friend Abishai to defeat Goliath’s brothers. Humility requires recognizing you need support. Seek out wise, seasoned believers who can fight alongside you in prayer and encouragement.

And know that as you change, God often brings new spheres of relationships with those who can run at your pace. Don’t isolate; God’s army advances together. The enemy wants to make you feel alone, but you have comrades in arms. Stand firm together and victory is assured!


The next time you face demonic oppression after deliverance, remember these insights. Deal with emotional wounds that give demons legal rights. See the attack as a compliment confirming your destiny. Remember demons lie and pretend to leave. Commit to actively resisting through God’s Word and Spirit. And surround yourself with trusted believers who will fight with you. Jesus is with you, and His power ensures you will walk in ultimate victory!

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