Demons: Your Questions Answered

Pastor Mike recently held an insightful Q&A session after teaching about spiritual warfare and deliverance. His answers provide practical wisdom for engaging in victorious kingdom ministry. Let’s dive into some frequently asked questions believers ask about demons, deliverance, and living free.

Q: What happened to the demons after the pigs drowned? 

Great question! Once the demon-possessed pigs perished, the demons lost their physical bodies. As spirit beings, they aim to inhabit a body to fully manifest their evil intents through a person. 

Without a body, demons wander seeking their next victim. They look for legal rights to inhabit someone, often pursuing people in the same family line or with similar struggles. The passage shows demons’ persistence in finding embodiment. As believers, we must close every foothold so they have no place in us!

Q: When people are addicts, do they have familiar spirits? Are they all the same?

Addiction definitely opens the door to demonization. Mind-altering substances connect to sorcery, giving demons legal access. I believe each addicted person has multiple spirits including spirits of addiction, deception, confusion, and bondage. 

While the spirits target a person’s particular weakness, they operate similarly by compelling uncontrollable, destructive behaviors. To gain freedom, addicts must renounce their sins and cast out the demons influencing them. Deliverance removes the burden of addiction and empowers people to walk in holiness.

Q: I live with an angry, narcissistic spouse. How can I cast this spirit out of him?  

Attempting deliverance on unwilling people often increases resistance and aggression. While you can bind oppressive spiritual forces, the person must personally renounce their sin and evict the demons. 

Focus on being the best spouse possible, praying for your partner, and trusting God to draw their heart. Your love and consistency are the strongest testimonies to win them to Jesus. Let the Holy Spirit convict and transform; He alone can produce real change.

Q: Why did Jesus not cast the demon out of Judas?

Though Jesus certainly could have delivered Judas, He will never override our free will. Judas hardened his heart against Jesus then opened the door to Satan. Jesus always knew Judas would betray Him, but He never coerced or controlled Judas. 

While Jesus ardently desired a relationship with Judas, He allowed Judas to go his own way. We must extend the same grace to loved ones, praying faithfully while refusing to manipulate or force outcomes.

Q: How do I find out what I need deliverance from?  

Excellent question! First, examine areas where you’ve developed habitual sin. Addictions, compulsions, and bondages often indicate demonic influence. 

Also, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal generational sins that created legal access or traumatic events through which demons invaded your life. Renounce inherited sins and traumatic openings so demons lose their footing.

Finally, repent for any occult involvement that gave demons permission to enter, including new age practices, substances, entertainment, and porn. Return to Jesus and renounce activities granting demons access. As we reject enemy influence and align with Christ, He will evict these oppressive forces!

Q: How do I protect myself from my husband’s spirits because he’s addicted to porn?

The best advice I can give you is that you are not responsible for your husband’s sin. You are only accountable for your own vessel, so make sure you are not participating in or giving in to the same sin. Stay holy through the blood of Jesus. Pray for your husband, but don’t enable his addiction. Addicts often hate their addiction and want freedom.

Q: Why are disembodied spirits not in hell?

This may shock you, but Scripture shows Satan still has access to heaven. There will be a final judgment, but we’re not there yet. Rather than ask why spirits are not in hell, ask why you are not using your authority to send them to the abyss through deliverance.

Q: How can multiple people have the same spirit like Jezebel?

Demons are persons without a body. They take on a name, just like people do. Many demons go by the name “Jezebel.” It’s like how many humans are named “John.” The Jezebel spirit refers to demons that operate with the distinct characteristics of the biblical Jezebel.

Q: Is it normal for men to have a harder time with deliverance than women?

This is not a gender issue, but rather a pride issue. Men are often taught to suppress emotions and act tough, making it harder to admit they need deliverance. Pride blocks freedom, not male biology.

Q: Can demons hear your thoughts?

Demons are so familiar with human nature that they can discern our thoughts through observing our behaviors. Resist the devil and he will flee. Don’t become overly preoccupied with whether demons can literally hear thoughts.

Q: How do I make a demon manifest?

Deliverance demands personal holiness and obedience to God. Without a life of prayer, reading Scripture, worship, and moral purity, your authority over demons will be limited. Living holy is the key to moving in deliverance power.

Q: Can I perform deliverance without impartation or authority passed to me?

Yes, every Christian has the authority to cast out demons through the power of Jesus’ name. Deliverance comes through the impartation of the Holy Spirit, not a special prayer or ritual. That said, get trained and mentored by experienced deliverance ministers to learn practical skills.  One way you can do that is with my app, The Breakers, which has a deliverance course. 

Q: Why did I wake up at 3 AM nightly after self-deliverance?

3 AM is known as the witching hour, a time of heightened demonic activity. You may be under spiritual attack from occult practitioners. Build up your spiritual armor through God’s Word, praise, and living righteously. Victory is yours in Christ.


I hope these Q&A highlights from the deliverance livestream provide biblical guidance and dispel misconceptions. Let me know if you have any other questions! The name of Jesus makes demons flee. Walk in the power of the Holy Spirit within you.

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