The Biblical Truth About Aliens (with Dr. Hugh Ross)

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Standing Strong in the Face of Persecution: Lessons from a Pioneering Pastor in Rome

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As a minister of the gospel, I've had the privilege of traveling to many nations and encountering believers from all walks of life. However, my recent trip to Italy left…

The Gifts of the Spirit: A Profound Treasure

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The gifts of the spirit are one of the most profound treasures a believer can possess, yet so many Christians struggle to understand and operate in them. During a recent…

Breaking Through Demonic Resistance

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Do you ever feel like you're taking two steps forward, only to be pushed three steps back? Like there's an invisible force resisting your progress in life? Many of you…

The Prophetic Urgency to Become a Digital Tent Maker

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Over the years, the Lord has allowed me to build a significant online platform and reach millions around the world with the gospel. But this assignment wasn't just for my…


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