The Biblical Truth About Aliens (with Dr. Hugh Ross)

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The Power to Cast Out Demons: Walking in Your Divine Purpose

| Deliverance, Demons, Tough Questions | No Comments
For part 1 of this blog, click here.  As believers, we all have access to the same Holy Spirit power that Jesus operated in to set the captives free. It's…

Why Do Demons Come Back After Deliverance?

| Deliverance, Demons, Tough Questions | No Comments
Have you ever experienced deliverance from demonic oppression, only to find yourself struggling with the same issues again later on? You're not alone. Many believers have gone through deliverance and…

The Truth About Faith Healing: Exposing What’s Real and What’s Not

| Healing, Tough Questions | No Comments
Faith healers are known for packing out stadiums and captivating audiences for decades with claims of possessing divine gifts to miraculously cure the sick and suffering. But are these grandiose…

The Power and Purpose of Fasting

| Fasting | No Comments
Fasting is a powerful spiritual discipline that has been practiced for thousands of years, yet it remains widely misunderstood today. As we approach the Lenten season, what better time to…


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    This was such an awesome read!! I can’t thank you enough for putting this out there for people to experience! Thank God for you guys and all that you do to share his message of love!

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