Confronting Jezebel: A Prophetic Call for Discernment

By April 18, 2024 Prayer, The Prophetic

The recent situation involving Pastor Mark Driscoll’s rebuke at a men’s conference hosted by John Lindell’s church has sent shockwaves through the body of Christ. In an unexpected turn of events, Driscoll confronted what he perceived as the spirit of Jezebel manifesting through a male performer’s provocative acrobatic routine.

As prophetic voices, Jeremiah Johnson and I felt compelled to weigh in, offering insights that transcend the specific incident and underscore the urgent need for spiritual discernment and courage within the church.

The Apostolic Dimension

There is an apostolic dimension often overlooked in modern church dynamics.  Driscoll, operating as an apostolic voice, was within his rights to correct publicly what had occurred publicly – even if it meant seeming to violate the prescribed Matthew 18 process often misapplied.

Within the apostolic dimension, you sometimes have to correct publicly what happens publicly. Just as Paul openly rebuked individuals in his inspired epistles, modern-day apostles may need to confront matters openly when warranted.

A Missed Opportunity

Johnson raised a profound perspective: Given the long-standing friendship between Driscoll and Lindell, could this situation have been an opportunity to model biblically confronting principalities and powers in love?

“They missed a moment we could have demonstrated to the body of Christ – that through relationship and love, we give each other a voice to speak truth,” Johnson reflected. Instead of an adversarial stance, imagine if it had catalyzed corporate repentance and revival?

The Weight of Prophetic Rebuke

We both agreed – rarely do we witness the weight of genuine prophetic rebuke and repentance nowadays. It’s hard to predict what one might do in a similar situation, but I might have doubled down rather than backing off, sensing a divine moment that could have birthed national deliverance for men struggling with sexual temptation.  True prophetic acts can shift spiritual atmospheres, but such courage is sorely lacking.

Heed the Voices You Received

Personally, I’ve been in a similar situation as Pastor John when I received and then heeded my apostolic overseers’ rebuke – even when I didn’t fully understand it – and watched incredible fruit and favor manifest as a result. Testing the spirits is crucial; when discerned prophetic voices bring adjustments, the wise embrace them.

Some of the favor I carry flows from how I receive rebuke.  I would be wise to listen, even if I disagree, because I see the fruit in their lives.

The Wilkerson Prophecy

Johnson quoted a startling prophecy from David Wilkerson’s 1973 book, The Vision, which seemed to foreshadow the controversy:

“Public nudity in any form is creature worship. Nudity in the church will not go unanswered by God…creating a new form of mental illness that will not respond to any kind of treatment.”

Wilkerson’s words proved disturbingly accurate – demonic manifestations can ensue when the church caters to the flesh. We can see the mental illness he referred to is here and it’s the consequence of worshiping the creation, not the Creator.

Misplaced Correction

One glaring issue, however, lies in the widespread trend of self-appointed “discernment” authorities taking it upon themselves to rebuke leadership publicly – often from impure motives like garnering views and profit.

In contrast, true prophetic correction flows from duly ordained voices with proven fruit and relational accountability. The solution isn’t no accountability but governmental accountability with real apostolic leadership.

A Coming Martyrdom

Looking ahead, we both sensed the Lord highlighting a heightened season of persecution and”martyrdom” – not merely physical death but a company willing to pay any cost to see God’s purposes prevail.

Those having resolve in their spiritual spine, unwavering servants who bow only to God – not man’s systems.  Such unstoppable ones will emerge as human vessels for the Spirit’s most profound workings.

A United Prophetic Army

Ultimately, our dialogue revealed the pressing need for unity among proper prophetic voices as steep days loom for the American church. The rousing call?  Shed petty differences, discern accurately, and lock shields as one prophetic army advancing the Kingdom without compromise or fear.

We need to lock arms – true pray-ers and doers, representing with the passion of a Taylor Swift fanbase. Are you ready to rise up as one of the unstoppable ones? The call has gone out – now is our time to respond!

This prophetic conversation provided a sobering yet empowering challenge: Will the church embrace the authentic, God-ordained prophetic voices being raised up for such a pivotal hour? The stakes have never been higher; may we be swiftly perfected into His faultless likeness.


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