How to Intercede With Power

By January 11, 2024 January 17th, 2024 Prayer

As we step into the promising year of 2024, I want to share with you some proven, biblical keys to intercession that have been staples in my prayer life since the age of 15. I believe this year will be unparalleled for those searching to pray powerful and effectual prayers. The devil may not be intimidated by worldly subscriptions or information overload, but what truly unnerves him is the strength of your prayer life.

Let’s walk in boldness this year as we learn to pray power-filled prayers. Here are four key components:

Adoration and Exaltation

Begin by magnifying the Lord. Adore Him, exalt Him above every challenge and above every concern. Let the atmosphere change as you declare His matchless greatness. Start by saying:

Heavenly Father, I exalt you above every name that is a name. Jesus, you are exalted. Lord, I lift you on high, oh God, above all my problems, concerns, and worries. You are high and lifted. I magnify you, God. You are matchless. Lord, you and you alone are worthy of my affection. You and you alone are worthy of my attention. All my focus is on you. Jesus. I’m looking at you, my faith’s author and finisher. I glorify you. I magnify you, God. You are matchless. There is none like you—the fairest of 10,000, the lily of the valley, the rose of Sharon. Lord, you are undefeated. You have all power, all might, all wisdom. 


Move into a phase of gratitude as you enter into intercession. Thank the Lord for every blessing, even the ones you didn’t choose. Express your thanks for family, job, trials, and tribulations – knowing each contributes to your growth. Open a well of gratitude and let it flow. That might sound like this:

I thank you, God, for keeping me another year. I thank you for my children, my car, and my house. I thank you for the things I didn’t choose, but they’re making me more like you. I thank you for my job and my employer. 

If you’re married: I’m thankful for my spouse. If you’re single: God, I thank you that you’re preparing me, and as you prepare me, you are preparing my mate, and you’ll join us together. I thank you in advance for what you’re doing.   

I thank you for the trials. I thank you for the pain. I thank you for the tribulations because you knew that it would make me more like you knew that it wouldn’t destroy me. I’m thankful that they walked out on me because it drove me to the throne to know you more. God, I’m grateful they rejected me because it taught me your acceptance. I’m thankful for my past. I’m thankful for my present. I’m thankful for the future.


Now comes a phase that might feel unfamiliar – declaration. Recognize your delegated authority as a child of God. Jesus commanded us to heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead, and preach the gospel. The devil doesn’t respond to your voice; he responds to God’s command through your voice. Proclaim blessings over your life, family, and finances. Speak life into your circumstances, binding every demonic force that opposes you. That might sound like this:

I declare that my spouse will be saved this year. That my spouse will be filled with the Holy Spirit. That my spouse will be activated in the gifts of the spirit. That we will pray together, that we will read the Bible together. 

I declare that my finances will be blessed, that I am a river and not a reservoir, and there will be a multiplication because he gives seed to the sower. I declare that I am going to walk in the favor of God. 

I declare that I am not going to enter this year and carry depression and anxiety. I break the power of every demonic thought in my life. I pull down every stronghold that the enemy has erected in my mind. I speak to every demonic spirit, and I bind you in the name of Jesus and command you to loose my life and let me go. 

I declare that I will operate in faith this year and that God is going to open doors that only he can open and close doors that shouldn’t be open. I declare that I am the seed of Abraham, and I will see God’s promises fulfilled in my life. I declare that I will come into perfect health this year and that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.


The final (and my favorite) phase is praise. Praise is your proof, your spiritual evidence. Dance, shout, and praise God as if the victory has already been won. In the kingdom, we praise before the manifestation, activating our faith.

Praise is your weapon and proof that faith is the substance of things hoped for. So, let’s be undignified in our praise, just like David, knowing that the fight is fixed, and our victory is assured.

As you release a thunderclap of praise, declare boldly that your best days are ahead. The devil cannot silence you; your voice will resound, declaring God’s goodness in the earth.  

Praise might look like dancing in victory. It might look like shouting out loud so your neighbors can hear you. It might look like singing.  

Let’s make 2024 a year of unstoppable prayer, where breakthroughs are the norm and God’s glory is magnified.

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