Change Your Marriage at V1 Church Marriage Conference

By January 25, 2023 Marriage, Relationships

It’s time for one of the most life-changing events of the year, V1 Church’s Marriage Conference!  Every year we hear testimonies from countless couples of how God met them at our marriage conference and brought their marriages back to life.  

Marriage is a profound symbol of Christ’s love for the church. The enemy of our soul loves to destroy and separate that which God has brought together. Marriages everywhere are on the brink of divorce, and within the church, it’s no different.  The battle is even more intense.  

Woman and man datingTheir Marriage Was On the Brink, And God Saved It

Pastors Mike and Julie Signorelli understand the enemy’s war against marriages.  Several years ago, their marriage seemed irreparably damaged and was practically over until the Lord miraculously restored it.  Through a combination of spiritual transformation and learning practical relationship skills, they have rebuilt their marriage.  They understand the supernatural battle that wages against marriages and the unique challenges of men and women within a marriage.  And they have a passionate desire to see restoration in marriages within the family of God.  


Attend The Conference From Anywhere

This year’s conference will take place on Friday, February 17 at 7 pm EST.   The conference will be held in person at The Space At Westbury in Westbury, New York.  It will be simulcast to V1 Church’s campus in Portage, Indiana.  And those who cannot attend in person in New York or Indiana can join the conference online from anywhere in the world.  It is completely free to attend, however, we do expect that it will be at capacity, so we ask that you register to reserve your spot.  

Special Guests Vlad and Lana Savchuk

At the marriage conference, V1 Worship will lead attendees in powerful praise and worship that prepares your heart for God to work.  Pastors Mike and Julie will teach from their own experience and wealth of Biblical knowledge on marriage.  They have also invited Pastors Vladimir and Lana Savchuk as special guest speakers.  Pastor Vlad leads the HungryGen movement out of Tri-Cities, Washington, and pastors a large, multi-cultural church there.  He is one of the most anointed teachers of the Word alive right now, and he will preach a session of the marriage conference.  

V1 Marriage ConferenceNo Topic Is Off Limits

Along with teaching, the Savchuks and Signorellis will hold a panel discussion where they share valuable insights and practical advice on some of the most critical issues facing marriages.  This conference is not a place where we shy away from the difficult questions or sensitive topics; rather, you’ll hear relevant, timely, and prophetic teaching regarding your marriage. . Whether you are struggling with communication, dealing with difficult in-laws, or trying to navigate the challenges of raising children, V1 Marriage conference will offer valuable guidance and support.

Say I Do, Again

We always make time for ministry and allow the Holy Spirit to identify and heal the wounded places in marriages.  And at the end of the night, we will hold a vow renewal ceremony for all couples that would like to reaffirm their commitment to one another in the presence of God.  

Step Away To Reconnect

V1 Marriage Conference is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your spouse and deepen your faith. It is a safe and supportive environment for couples to learn and grow together, both as individuals and as partners.  Take a break from the stresses and demands of everyday life and focus on your relationship at this special event. This is an opportunity to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and remember why you got married in the first place.  Whether you are looking to reconnect with your spouse or simply need some time to reflect and recharge, our marriage conference is your opportunity to do that.  

Create A Moment That Heals A Memory

V1 Marriage Conference is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your spouse, deepen your faith, and connect with other couples who are working to strengthen their relationships. Whether you are a newlywed or a couple celebrating your 50th anniversary, you can benefit from the wisdom and guidance offered and experience true healing and enrichment of your marriage.  Create a moment that heals a memory at the V1 Church 2023 Marriage Conference! 

✍️ Register for the Conference Here

From Last Year’s Conference:

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