Get Ready for “Miracles at the Movies” on April 23!

If you’re familiar with Pastor Mike Signorelli’s ministry, you know he’s the lead pastor at V1 Church in New York City and the director of the film “The Domino Revival” which was released last November. We’ve got some exciting news to share about an upcoming special movie event!

Two Movies, Combined

His friend and fellow pastor Greg Locke, who made the film “Come Out in Jesus Name,” had the brilliant idea to combine condensed versions of their two movies into one powerful experience called “Miracles at the Movies.” It’s happening on April 23rd in theaters across the country.

The event will feature the most impactful 45 minutes from each of our films back-to-back. Then at the end, Pastor Greg and Pastor Mike will join via live stream for about 30 minutes to drive the message home and minister to everyone in attendance.

Encounter the Holy Spirit in Theaters

When the two films were originally released in theaters last year, thousands of people encountered the Holy Spirit in powerful ways right there in the movie auditoriums. Lives were transformed as people experienced deliverance from demonic oppression, the breaking of generational curses, healings, and more. This combined event is going to be like a one-two punch of the miraculous!

Pastor Mike’s film “The Domino Revival” focuses on exposing the demonic forces behind so many of the struggles people face today – from depression and addiction to relationship issues and even suicidal thoughts. We’ve received incredible testimonies of people choosing not to end their lives after seeing this movie. It lays the groundwork for Pastor Greg’s film “Come Out in Jesus Name” which dives deep into the ministry of deliverance from evil spirits.

God Has a Plan For Your Life

The two films thread together beautifully to show that no matter what you’re going through, God has a miraculous plan for your life! You don’t have to stay stuck in those cycles of torment and oppression. Through deliverance and deepening your relationship with the Lord, you can be completely set free to walk in victory.

We truly believe that we’re living in a time that echoes what happened in the Bible.¬† Just like in the scriptures, when situations seemed impossible, God always showed up with the miraculous. And that’s exactly what we’re going to see at “Miracles at the Movies” – movie theaters hosting the very presence and power of the Holy Spirit!

This is about more than just watching some films. It’s an opportunity for people across the nation to encounter the reality of who God is in a fresh way. We are confident lives will be forever changed by what happens at this event.

Miracles are still happening today, and we can’t wait to see how the Lord is going to move when we bring this spirit-filled experience to theaters on April 23rd. Tickets go on sale March 19th, so spread the word and get ready for a move of God at the movies!

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