Feeling Unusually Tired Lately?

By January 9, 2024 The Prophetic

Have you been feeling exhausted, lethargic, passive, and not feeling like yourself? But then, at the same time, you struggle with insomnia. Despite your tiredness, you can’t find physical or mental rest. These physical issues are indicators of something happening spiritually. I speak all over the United States and ask people this question, and in crowds of people, 95% of them raise their hands that they are experiencing this same phenomenon. And even though their diets are healthy, and they exercise and keep their stress levels in check, they still experience this issue.

Dark Winter

At the time of writing this prophetic word, we’re coming into the winter. I’ve been hearing the phrase “dark winter.” You probably have been feeling lethargic and drained. It’s impossible to read the New Testament, from Matthew to Revelation, and not draw the conclusion that we are fighting demonic spirits. The Lord showed me in prayer that there is a spiritual slumber and a tiredness that has been sent on assignment by the devil to rob people from stepping into the fullness of why God has birthed them on the earth for such a time as this. Forces are trying to rob masses of people of their divine purpose. 

A People Who Dream

We are systematically being bombarded by an agenda to slow us down, to restrict us, to hold us back. And let me tell you why. You are a prophetic people. This is the generation of Elijah that will do what the prophet Joel prophesied about when he said, “Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions” (Joel 2:28 ESV). If you don’t sleep, you don’t dream. And if you don’t dream, you don’t get revelation. If you don’t get revelation, you don’t get motivation. And if you don’t get motivation, you don’t take action.

There is an assignment from Satan to stop you from dreaming prophetic dreams and discerning the signs of the times. There is going to be a global harvest of souls. Your family is supposed to be saved. Your family is supposed to be delivered. You are supposed to step into financial provision. You’re supposed to be a Joseph building a Goshen where you have provision for your family before the economic collapse, but the devil is trying to stop you from getting it. 

A Vision of a Thief

Are you experiencing an attack in your sleep? Are your friends and family members opposing you? Have you been subjected to unusual cruelty? Are people criticizing you? Are they backbiting and talking about you? Have you been rejected or abandoned?

I had a vision in prayer. You were lying in bed, tossing and turning, and neither asleep nor awake in a twilight. A thief entered your home, and as he walked in, you knew it was time to wake up and stop the thief.

I saw in your closet a weapon. You knew it was there, but you kept telling yourself, “I’m too tired to stop the thief. I’m too tired to stop the thief.” And then you decided to let the thief rob you. You allowed the thief to steal your children. You let the thief steal gold-like items representing the Lord’s prosperity and provision.

The Lord told me, “Tell my people to awake from their slumber. Mike, pray for my people today. Break off every demonic assignment and cast every single demon out of their lives, their houses, and their bodies so that they do not miss their moment so that they do not miss their assignment.” 

The Root of Discouragement

The Lord said, “Many of my people have a root of discouragement.” What does that mean? You put your hope in man, and man has failed you. You put your hope in a church or ministry, and that church or ministry failed you, and it caused discouragement. Discouragement causes despair, and despair has disabled you. The Bible says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick” (Prov 13:12-14), and I begin to see a heart sickness. And the Lord says that He’s dealing with discouragement and heart sickness. Maybe you thought your spouse would become a man of God, and he never stepped in. You’re discouraged, and the delay has caused you to become heartsick.

You may have received a word about stepping into ministry, into your calling, and it hasn’t come to pass. You’ve been discouraged. You’ve been believing for and fasting for healing and said, “God, I know that you can heal me.” It hasn’t happened, and you’ve been discouraged, and that discouragement has turned to tiredness and lethargy.

Fight With the Opposite Spirit

So, what is the solution? You fight a spirit with the opposite spirit. When they accused Jesus of casting devils out by the power of the devil, Jesus said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” If you’re fighting passivity, lethargy, and tiredness and go lay in your bed, you’re fighting a spirit with the same spirit because they want you in the bed or in your favorite chair, scrolling all day. If the devil tempts you with being lethargic, you stand up. You rise and say, no devil, I’m going to take back everything that you’re trying to steal from me, and you’re not going to have my body. You’re not going to have my children. You’re not going to have my destiny.  

Perhaps you’ve been feeling a solicitation to sin or to temptation. This could include:

  • Wanting to go back to vaping or tobacco product
  • Wanting to relapse into alcohol addiction 
  • A solicitation back to pornography, lust, or dating websites 

Do not go back. Don’t turn into a pillar of salt in this season. Set your eyes forward. 

The Lord began to show me preservation. He is going to preserve your body, your mind, your anointing, and your calling. We’re going to say no to all the agendas of the enemy. 

Let’s Pray 

Heavenly Father, I pray for every single person reading this right now. I break every assignment of Satan off of them by the blood of Jesus, and I release the anointing to break every burden of isolation, loneliness, and fear. I speak to the spirit of python that’s been strangling their neck, and I command that serpent to loose their neck right now in the name of Jesus and to go back to the abyss.

You will not steal their life. You will not steal their breath. Every spirit of python, go in the name of Jesus. I speak to discouragement and depression, and I command every foul spirit of discouragement and depression to go in the name of Jesus. I see the Lord breaking heavy chains off of your neck. I break the curse of slavery. You will not be a slave to systems of government, systems of the world, or slaves to alcohol and tobacco. I break the power of mental slavery right now in the name of Jesus. You will not be a slave to pills. 

You will not be a slave to mind control. Every spirit that has been binding them and holding them back from activity, I command them to go in the name of Jesus now and I release supernatural encouragement, strength, and peace over every single one of you. 

The Lord has shown me right now that people have been talking about you, backbiting, and I see sores slicing your back. I hear the Lord saying that I will lift a standard against them and silence every tongue that has risen up against you. And the Lord says, when they talked about you, they were talking about me because you’ve been living for my name’s sake. And so right now, we cancel every assignment of slander, character, assassination, and gossip in the name of Jesus. We thwart it, cancel it, and ask the Lord to lift a standard against it right now in the name of Jesus. And I say peace.

I say peace. I take captive every thought that erects itself up against the word of God and pull it down right now in the name of Jesus. I pull down every single thought contrary to God’s word right now. Every lunatic spirit, the spirit of schizophrenia, the spirit of multiple voices, the spirit of deception, I command you to go right now in the name of Jesus. Loose them right now in the name of Jesus/ Some of you have been saying, am I going crazy? Am I losing my mind? No, your mind is kept in perfect peace by Jehovah.

The Lord is healing you to step into what God has for you. To step into your purpose, write the book, preach, prophesy, travel, get married, and have babies. The Lord is mobilizing. We are not going to be victims of this demonic global system to try to sterilize us, anesthetize us, and put us back to sleep. We will rise bold as lions and fight a spirit with an opposite spirit and not let the devil win.

You will birth that business. You will birth that ministry. You will step into your assignment from God, and you will not back down. 

In Jesus’ name, amen.  

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