A Powerful Move of God at The Domino Revival on October 24

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On the evening of October 24th, theaters nationwide were transformed into sanctuaries for the presence of God as The Domino Revival made its highly anticipated debut. Presented by Fathom Events, it promised to be a life-changing blend of film and faith. Crowds showed up to support this independent film, yielding a number 3 spot at the US box office!  

The Story of the Movie

The Domino Revival is a documentary that weaves a compelling narrative around themes of salvation, following God’s purpose for your life, and the miraculous. Directed and written by pastor and visionary Mike Signorelli, the movie weaves his personal story, as well as those of other revivalists like Julie Signorelli, Isaiah Saldivar, Alexander Pagani, Jenny Weaver, Mark Driscoll, Ryan LeStrange, Vlad Savchuk, Craig Brown, Andy Byrd, Jacob Coyne, Leon DuPreez, Jessi Green, Parker Green, Jeremiah Johnson, Jonathan Stamper, Stephen Weaver, and Shane Winnings.  

A Powerful and Personal Ministry Time

As the final scene faded, what followed was nothing short of an extraordinary display of the glory of God. Pastor Mike reappeared on the screen via live stream and made an invitation to those watching to receive salvation, receive freedom from addictions, and cancel suicides.  This wasn’t just a movie; it was a ministry event that provided an opportunity for viewers to bear witness to miracles, signs, and wonders. Profound transformation unfolded in auditoriums across the nation. 

The Testimonies

Here are just a few of the hundreds of testimonies we have received from people in theaters across America:

Left The Domino Revival movie and my heart is full! Seeing my 12 y.o. daughter, niece, and her two friends give their lives to the Lord! –Keona Marie

My husband and I were so exhausted from a long day at work and other things, but I felt so strongly that we needed to be at the theater tonight. Well, we quickly found out why. Two people in the theater were struggling with thoughts of suicide and they were canceled tonight… we had the honor and privilege to pray for a young lady that was by herself and had raised her hand. God moved so powerfully.  –Melissa Rivera

My adopted baby sister has cerebral palsy caused by shaken baby syndrome from her biological father. She has suffered with a weak and curved left hand since birth. I took her to The Domino Revival movie and I looked over several times during the movie where she kept moving and stretching her left hand. At the end of the movie, she was shaking and crying and I asked her what was wrong.  She told me “The Holy Spirit came inside of me and I feel like a new person,” and, “My left hand feels different and stronger.”  I recorded her miracle of healing in her left hand!  You can visibly see her squeezing my hand and I burst into tears. We witnessed an actual miracle tonight and I am undone. To God be the glory!

When you started preaching about suicide my 12-year-old son started crying and told us he’s thought about it for a few weeks and he doesn’t know why! He was being tormented! I’m so glad we went to this movie!

A man in the front row of us threw his vape in his fountain pop he was also delivered from sui thoughts and addiction to Meth.  — Heather Ham

Two of the young men that worked at the theater came searching for a pastor and gave their heart to Jesus tonight!

Join us for An Encore – November 13

The Domino Revival opening night, presented by Fathom Events, was a true revival experience for everyone who attended. The film itself was a testament to the power of faith and redemption, while the numerous miracles, signs, and wonders further underscored the evidence that God is moving powerfully in hungry hearts.  Due to the incredible success of the movie’s debut on October 24, Fathom Events has planned an encore performance on November 13 in theaters across America.  If you missed it on October 24, this is your opportunity to be a part of this move of God!  Join us for the encore performance on November 13 and prepare for revival to continue!  


The Domino Revival will be in theaters on November 13 for an encore performance – get tickets here.  

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