Revival Breaks Out in Times Square

By January 17, 2024 March 19th, 2024 Revival, The Domino Revival Movie

In a recent gathering led by Pastor Mike Signorelli in Times Square, New York City, thousands came together for an event focused on worship, ministry, and seeking deliverance. Pastor Mike, from V1 Church in New York City, organized the event with official permission from Mayor Eric Adams’ office.

During the event, Pastor Mike and other ministers prayed for people, and many reported receiving the gift of tongues. The atmosphere was described as incredible, with individuals surrendering drugs and canceling suicides. Following the conclusion of the event, attendees were commissioned to go out into the streets and lead others to Christ, resulting in impactful conversations and the spread of revival throughout Manhattan.

How It Started

The inspiration for the Times Square event came after Pastor Mike released a viral video praying for New York City in response to potential lone-wolf attacks in response to the war between Hamas and Israel. The video gained attention, leading to a connection with Mayor Adams’ office. The idea for the revival emerged, and Adams’ office provided the necessary permit for the historic gathering.

A Transformative Testimony

Several individuals, including former witch-turned-Christian minister Jenny Weaver, shared testimonials about the transformative experience. Weaver, in particular, described how her life changed from addiction and an alternative lifestyle to becoming a wife, mother, and daughter of the King, attributing her transformation to God’s intervention.

Powerful Ministry and Worship

Notable ministers including Prophet Jeremiah Johnson, Pastor Greg Locke, and Apostle Alexander Pagani took turns sharing powerful messages from the Lord with the crowd that gathered.  V1 Worship led several powerful songs from their latest EP, The Domino Revival, which is streaming worldwide wherever you listen to music.

The Domino Revival in Times Square

The event marked a significant moment, with Pastor Signorelli expressing that drawing such a large crowd in a public space indicated a readiness for revival in America. Attendees and speakers documented the massive response through videos and testimonials, emphasizing the historic nature of the gathering.

Watch the live stream and personally witness this powerful move of God in the heart of America!

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