Is The Holy Spirit Warning You As Well?

I’ve noticed that the Holy Spirit will warn a group of people, and sometimes people will think you’re crazy. Sometimes, people will feel that you’ve lost your mind or are operating out of fear, but know that the Holy Spirit is warning you. I believe that things are unfolding on the earth right now, and it’s more important than ever that we have our ears open to what the Lord would be saying. Many people ignore instinct and then it’s too late. 

Be Ready for “Suddenly”

The Lord kept showing me the word “suddenly.” There’s going to be a sudden change, a sudden shift. There will be things that happen suddenly in government, in food supply chains, in the financial market, and in real estate. We must be aware. 

The Bible talks about suddenly all the time. We read in Matthew 24:40 about how two people will be walking, and then suddenly, one will be caught up, and the other will remain. Think about how suddenly there was a lockdown. Suddenly, these things begin to transpire, and as they come to pass, we’re caught up and unprepared. And it’s to the detriment of our family, friends, and circles. And so the Holy Spirit has probably been convicting and speaking to you.

Remove Delay

The thing about suddenly is that the Lord always will give us time for preparation and always ensure that His people are not going to be lacking. And so, what does that mean for you? That means if the Lord told you to do something, you must do it. So, if the Lord told you to start a business, you need to start the business. If the Lord told you to start a ministry, you need to get accountability, get oversight, and begin to make that a ministry.

If the Lord told you to do something, I feel strongly that He said, “Tell my people to remove delay.” There’s going to be a window of opportunity, which you are in right now, but when things transpire, you’re going to realize you didn’t have as much time as you thought you would have. I see the Lord trying to help His people avoid regret.

The Lord spoke to some of you before the last pandemic, but you ignored him then. What God is saying right now is, “Remove delay. You ignored me last time. Do not ignore me again.” And yet, some of you think you may still have more time. And the Lord says, “You do not have as much time as you think you have.” This warning is an act of mercy on behalf of God. The Lord is being merciful by even giving us the opportunity. This is not your gut or your instinct; it’s the Holy Spirit telling you to get your house in order, make arrangements, and line things up. He keeps telling me repeatedly, “This is not you; this is me. This is not you; this is me.” 

Obey First, Then The Door Opens

Some reading this may have a level of fear. You may ask, What will happen when I start to do what God called me to do? What’s going to happen when I finally say yes? Don’t wait for the door to open and then obey; you obey, and then the door opens. Stop calculating it by your own understanding. Stop trying to figure it out with your own wisdom. You obey, and then the door opens. This is the way of the Spirit, and many are too carnal in their thinking.  

You have to move, and then God will open the door. You have to obey, and then God will be faithful and reciprocate. As you begin to speak, advance, and move by faith, the Lord will open the door as you step out.

For some reading this, the Lord told you places to go, and you have not gone. He showed you places to move, and you have not moved. He’s told you things to sell, and you have not sold them. Some of you have been told by Him to leave churches, leave ministries, get under new leaders, or find new accountability, and you haven’t done it yet. And the Lord’s saying, “It’s time to move.”  

Silencing The Tormenting Voice

Some voices have been tormenting you. Some people have been speaking against you, and the Lord says, “I’m giving you the ability to outlast. I’m going to bring you to a place where you no longer hear the taunts of their voice, a place where you no longer hear their naysaying, criticism, and backbiting.”  

Who Are the Abrahams?

When God told me to go to New York City, I sold my house in Indiana and began to prepare to go to New York City. I needed $3,000 to move into my apartment in New York City, but I did not have the money. Now, mind you, I’m a normal, rational human being. The night before I was supposed to leave, I told my family, “We’re going to New York City.” A bit later that night, I met a friend of mine. He had no idea I was short on money and said, “The Lord told me to write a check.” He handed me an envelope. I opened it, and the card said, “The Lord split the sea so you can walk right through.” Inside the card was the exact amount we needed to move and start the next chapter of our ministry. 

I was willing to make myself a fool for Jesus. I had everything packed up. I had the U-Haul but didn’t even have the money to move into the apartment on the other side. It came in the final hour before I went to bed that night. And this is the word of the Lord to somebody: The Lord is pleased by faith. He is displeased by doubt, fear, and human wisdom. I hear the Lord asking, “Who will operate in faith? Who are the Abrahams of this generation? Who will go a different path and walk a different way? Who are the Sarahs that will rise up in faith like never before?” 

Go Back To What He Already Told You

I heard the Lord say, “Mike, tell them to stop negotiating with me, but be obedient.” Don’t make a deal with God. Some of you say, “God, if you do this, I’ll do this.” Who are you to manipulate God? Who are you to tell God what He can and cannot do? I hear the Lord telling me to tell somebody, “Go back to what I already told you.” Some of you ask for fresh vision, but the Lord says, “No, I desire that you would return to the previous vision. I want you to return to what I already told you and do it. Go back to your journals, go back to your notebooks, go back to your voice memo recordings. Go back to the times I spoke to you,” says the Lord, “and do the very thing. Now is the time to return and be faithful to what I told you.” 

Combatting The Spirit of Abortion

I see the spirit of abortion in some of those reading this prophetic word. God conceived something in you.   Do not kill that which God conceived. Don’t let your husband, your friends, your neighbors, or your region kill it, because the Lord conceived a dream in you. God Almighty gave you that dream, and if you let it continue to be developed, if you continue to let it grow, that dream will feed you. That dream will care for you and cause you to enter higher places of influence. But sometimes you have to tell people, “You don’t have the right to kill my baby. You don’t have the right to kill that which God conceived!” 

When you think about the days in which Jesus was born, there was a decree to kill all the firstborn males. In Moses’ day, there was also a decree to kill firstborn males. There are times when the spirit of the enemy in the earth tries to kill. 

What does a firstborn male represent? A firstborn represents faith. It’s the baby of promise. Once you have your first child, having second, third, or fourth is easier. You know you’re able. But there’s something about the firstborn. That’s why God gave Jesus his only begotten Son. Why? It represents faith. There was no plan B. 

The Lord’s saying, “Kill your backup plan. Don’t kill my baby. Kill your plan B, but don’t kill my baby. Kill off the other options, but don’t kill off the thing that requires faith. I gave you that!” The Lord wants to impart faith right now. Faith is the evidence of things hoped for and the substance of things not seen. The Holy Spirit has already been telling you it’s time. Please don’t delay, don’t back down, don’t listen to their voices anymore. Listen to the voice of the Lord. I don’t care if I have enough money. I don’t care if people believe in me. I don’t care if people think it’ll work. God told me to do it. It has to work. 

Remove Saul’s Armor

I saw a vision of Saul’s armor. When David went to kill Goliath, he did what the Lord told him to do, but King Saul put armor on him as a false form of protection because Saul didn’t have faith. I see many children of God wearing Saul’s armor. Somebody put an expectation on you that was not God’s expectation. Somebody told you you shouldn’t do something because they were afraid to do it. You’re wearing somebody else’s fear right now and don’t even realize it. Somebody told you it wasn’t possible.  

Some people wear titles and opinions from other people. You wear names that they placed on you. I see the Lord taking name tags off. What does that mean? It means that you were called rebellious when you were submitted, unhealed when you were healed, and triggered and traumatized when you were whole.

The Lord says, “I’m taking off the names now, and you’re going to wear my name.” I see women whose last name is not their maiden name, but the Lord says, “I’m taking you back, and I’m giving you my name as well. You will bear my name.” Some of you have taken on the name of ministries, and the Lord says, “I’m taking that ministry name off of you, and I’m giving you my name.” But you’ve got to step in now. You can’t back down or back up.

Rise in Faith

The Lord wants me to tell you that the promise is much bigger than the pain. What is on the other side of the sacrifice is much more significant than what you sacrifice. The Lord wants to give back three and fourfold, but you have to be willing to take Isaac up to the mountain and kill the son of promise. Why? Because it represents faith. God is not accepting sacrifices that don’t require faith. 

You may feel weary or tired. Maybe you’ve been going through it. The Lord says, “No, you’re weary from listening to man’s fear, doubt, and ways, but I’ll renew your strength. Just rise up in faith. I’ll renew your mind.”  

Unusual Miracles

As you begin to do that, you will see the supernatural realm open up to you like never before. This is a time of unusual miracles. Why? Because when you begin to operate in faith, the Lord will confirm you and your situation. He will show you the signs. You’ll start to have visions. Things will come into alignment. 

The most potent spiritual experience you can have is obedience to Jesus Christ. As soon as you obey Jesus Christ, you’ll take a coin out of a fish’s mouth to pay for your taxes. There’s going to be supernatural financial provision. There’s going to be supernatural healing, strength upon strength. 

The Sacrifice and Restoration

There is a reward for faithfulness and obedience, which is the way of obedience. Elijah told the widow, “Give me your little oil and a bit of flour.” You thought that you were going to make one more meal for yourself and your son, and then you were going to die. But when God touches it with His multiplying power, He will cause it to be never-ending. There’s something about the supernatural realm and sacrificial giving. The sacrifice is different for everyone. But whatever the Lord asks you to give, if you will provide it and step out in faith, He will multiply it.  

I was raised in trailer parks on welfare. We moved eight and nine times in a year when I was a kid. So when I became a man and bought my own house, that house represented security and safety. Ten years ago, the Lord told me to give up my house. He said, “Mike, it’s no longer a house. It’s a replacement for my shelter and my comfort. At first, it was your house, but now it’s an idol. I want you to give it to me.” I said, “Lord, how could you ask me to give my house up to go into ministry? I’ve never had a house. My childhood was so dysfunctional. Finally, I have my own house!” And the Lord said, “You’re either building the house of God or your own house.”  

So I walked away from my home. Ten years later, the Lord has restored what I gave up. When you let go of what’s in your hand, He’ll release what’s in His hand. You can’t even contain the blessing, but it will always come in the form of sacrifice.


Who are you to tell God what you won’t do? Put a yes in your spirit. If He told you to go, you better leave right now. If He told you to start something, start something right now.

Stop thinking it’s you. When you start making decisions out of faith, it’s impossible for that not to be the voice of the Holy Spirit because Satan will never ask you to do something in faith. 


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