What Type of Sex is Allowed for Married Couples?

Sex between a husband and a wife is never a cause for shame. It should be honored, cherished and enjoyed as the gift and the good that it is.  However, in this live I answer some of the biggest questions I receive about what is permissible in married sex.

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  • James McGinnis says:

    I whole heartily agree with all you just covered. I have found my greatest fulfillment in marriage was with my wife that openly talks about sex while we are doing it and it is more than just the act. My previous marriage, my wife then would not even talk at all. That’s frustrating not communicating. As for anal, I found that it was uncomfortable and didn’t workout for us and I’m sure was going to cause her pain and tearing, so we both agreed to not do it after trying once. We don’t need it to be satisfied.Furthermore, like you said , use common sense that says it isnt really the best idea as it can bring other physical problems. Thank you for the biblical canid view and the teaching about destructive perversion about porn, and self pleasure.. which goes against God’s design.

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