Paranormal Activity on Nefarious Movie Set?!

April 20, 2023

Get more information about the movie here:

Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman have been in the entertainment industry for thirty years. They have done feature projects for Warner Brothers, Paramount, Sony-Columbia and Marvel Entertainment. They have also placed original-concept TV pilots with CBS, Fox, New Line Television and Touchstone. . . and cable projects with TNT and HBO.

Responding to a call from the Lord, Cary and Chuck left the secular entertainment field more than ten years ago. Since then, their filmed projects have included “What If?”, “The Book of Daniel”, “Do You Believe”, “God’s Not Dead”, ‘God’s Not Dead 2”, "Unplanned" and "Nefarious" -- which is now in theaters.

Their films have won numerous awards, and Pragerforce (the Millennial and Gen Z arm of Prager University) chose Unplanned as the #1 and God's Not Dead as the #3 life-changing films of all time.

Cary and Chuck are the co-CEO's of Believe Entertainment, and Soli Deo Gloria Releasing. They seek to conquer the culture for Christ through the media, believing there can be no evangelization without evangelization of culture.

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