How to Battle Demons

Have you ever felt intimidated by the idea of confronting/casting out demons? What if I told you that if you are a Christian, it should actually be NORMAL for you to do deliverance? In this video, I'm going to equip you to do deliverance so you can walk in the FULL ministry of Jesus.

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  • Kim Chakerian-Jones says:

    Where is this ministry located? Is it possible to make an appointment for deliverance prayer? I am inquiring for my son, who has asked me to do this. He is 28 years old. We are in the Southern California area. Thank you.

    • Mike Signorelli says:

      Hi Kim! My church, V1, holds a weekly prayer and deliverance service online on Wednesdays at 10 est/9 CST on youtube and facebook. We have private zoom rooms during this service where those who need it can receive deliverance ministry.

  • Lesley says:

    I desperately need a man of a strong faith in God to help me and my loved ones. I hold onto the light of my savior Jesus Christ tightly but I am fighting a darkness inside as well. Please help us

    • yusimer says:

      Lesley, I have you and your family in my prayer and thoughts. As a person who is investigating how to find that permanent deliverance. Joining a filled with the Holy Spirit church, I go twice a week to mine (it helps me somehow my peace is stronger that way). I also play worship music most of the time in my house, at work, in my car. Hold on to hope, know that you aren’t alone, that there is hope for a better future for you and your loved ones. Jesus is fighting our battle with us.

  • John Sorensen says:

    I am certain I really need deliverance from demons. I am sure God has told me this. I am also certain demons have been working through unsaved friends and family. May I find true deliverance very soon!!

    • yusimer says:

      John, I am sorry you are going through this. I pray for you in the name of Jesus! that he protects your mind, spirit and body from the adversary. I pray that you have the mind of Christ. Please pray against any mind-binding spirits that may be bothering you and your friends and family. I believe there is power in saying deliverance Bible verses out loud, listening to worship music and singing worship music. Also using The word as our Sword. I hope you know you aren’t alone, that Jesus loves you and that He is always with you.

  • Kevin Rorie says:

    I struggled for years now with fear and anxiety which has manifested into physical issues. I’ve experienced delivery in the past a couple of times but always went right back sinning. Nothing changed. I now read the word and pray daily however it doesn’t seem to sink in or I have a difficult time understanding or paying attention. I know I either left the door open or maybe it was never closed. I really need help.

    • Dacinda Simon says:

      Hey Kevin I struggled with anxiety really bad to the point it would physically hurt too. The enemy wants you to give up and go back to your past life where it was easy but don’t give up. Stay in God’s word and use it as a weapon against the enemy that his number one weakness. Ask God to give you revelation and help to understand his word. Don’t stop praying and reading his word. I promise it helps and please find a good therapist that has God’s teachings! God bless you

  • Brie says:

    Thank you.

  • Just wondering how to cast out demons and win in spiritual warfare.

  • Bell says:

    I watched the beginner video and agree 100%. Thank you for wanting to see people set free. I have been battling demons that visit me every night when I try to sleep. This has been happening for two (2) years now!!!
    One gets in my mattress and under my body. It painfully massages target points up and down my spine, causing me to been pain most of the day. Other demons come with it but stay at a distance and make bird noises. Sometimes they will call my name. I am born again, spirit filled and know who I am in Christ Jesus. I assert my authority in Christ Jesus. They may go, but come back quickly. I have been able to discern the different personalities. I have done most of the warfare written in Apostle John Eckhardt books and tapes. I feel that these demons have been sent by human enemies. They are trying to make me feel that I have no authority, but I know through Jesus Christ, my Savior that I do. Women from my church’s deliverance ministry have come to my home, prayed, anointed, discarded items, and yet these demons still come like clockwork. I am a senior citizen with several illnesses and I get weary of this constant battle. Please advise. Please help.

  • Candace Gottsch says:

    My story is a lot like Bells. The situation began about 10 months ago, when I started working the overnight shift. I just noticed some things happening like my husband started to really get angry very easily and I don’t mean just angry I mean over the top angry. I started recording the house while I was gone. And over time I thought several different things were happening. Now I know that we are dealing with demons. I think that maybe there might have been a spell in the beginning put on both of us. This isn’t normal everyday stuff you can’t just talk to anybody about it. When I said something about it to the police they said I need to get a therapist. That was when I thought that people had broken into her house and we’re somehow in our walls because I could hear them talking. And since my husband was the one home during all this I would ask him what was going on and he would have no clue. I accused him of going out on me I have often thought that maybe someone has some sort of mind control over him and that’s why he doesn’t know what’s going on. I also thought that the neighbors across the street and a few other people had put a spell on us and we’re making drugs in my home. I have seen a woman from across the street doing a sort of swaying dance and chanting I’m assuming that is black magic or voodoo. That was on one of my cameras. Last night was the first night that I heard the birds chirping. I had my husband’s attention and he was in a good mood we were getting along great, and just as we were getting ready to go to sleep the chirping started at first I thought it was on the TV but then I realized no it’s in the room. I don’t know that I would be able to cast out a demon as I’m very depressed I cry all the time. I cant talk to anyone about it without them thinking i am crazy. It begins as soon as my husband lays down in bed and it doesn’t matter whether I’m with him or I’m not. His legs he can’t keep them still his left hand he has to hold with his right hand even when he’s happy and we’re getting along great. I make him hold me and cuddle like a spoon, but eventually he rolls over. I have caught him talking to his pillow and that really gets him mad when I mentioned that part. I have heard another woman’s voice coming from our room but there’s no one else in there when I go there. I can see things with my camera on my phone or with a camera that I have set up. I cannot see anything with my own eyes. I have seen faces arms and legs in the quilt that covers my husband when he’s sleeping. I took a video of him tonight and looked at it and it looks like there is a woman laying next to him under the blanket I know there wasn’t because I took the video. It still doesn’t matter doesn’t make anything any easier. I’ve always believed in Jesus Christ but there’s always been a bit of doubt in the back of my mind. I broke down and cried the other day because I feel so foolish I was so blind. I know beyond a doubt that Jesus Christ does exist. And I’m ashamed that it took me to go through this to become a true believer. Like I said you just can’t talk to anybody about it. One more thing got to say there is what I call the woman but there is also other demons in the room. The towels are blankets other things with the camera they take on faces they look like frogs with teeth. And there seems to be something with birds outside of birds. If anything I feel better in this moment being able to tell my story to people that have similar stories.

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