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From Chaos to Clarity:

No Turning Back

by Mike Signorelli

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Have you reached the point of no return in your walk with Christ?

We live in a time when culture distracts us easily from stepping into a life of fullness through Christ. As the number of voices in our lives has increased, so has the chaos. Many of us feel powerless to choose and commit to the singular aim of our existence. This environment does little or nothing to inspire us to devote ourselves fully to our walks with Christ. The fickleness so prevalent in our aimless culture infiltrates our hearts and keeps us from pursuing Jesus to the point of no return.

Who you were yesterday—who you were a moment ago—does not need to dictate who you are in this moment. When you see all Christ is offering, you’ll realize you have no choice but to go From Chaos to Clarity. There’s no turning back.