Coming to a city near you

Domino Revival

with Pastor Mike Signorelli & the V1 Team

I saw a vision in prayer of a large domino being pushed down in Brooklyn. As we pushed it down, a wave of dominos began to fall, causing revival, freedom, healing, and deliverance all around the world.

This summer I’m traveling with a team across four nations to 18 locations that were former wells of revival to OPEN THE WELLS.

We believe that at The Domino Revival, people will experience complete and total freedom from whatever binds them. We expect to see widespread deliverance, salvation, and healing as we gather and confront the works of darkness. We are going to facilitate an environment of worship where people can get free, healed, and receive prayer. We don’t have an agenda other than to let the Holy Spirit have His way!

We are partnering with as many churches as possible at each tour stop to create a tipping point for their entire region to go into revival.


Too many churches are stuck in autopilot. They run the same program week after week, mired in tradition and routine. All the while, the people inside are desperately craving freedom, deliverance, and healing. If you’re hungry for something more, the Domino Revival is for you.  We are desperate physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. We are crying out to God to meet us in our desperation.


In Genesis 26:18, Isaac stands before wells that his father, Abraham dug, that had been stopped up by the enemies of God. Isaac digs them again, releasing clear, refreshing water to provide life once again.  Each stop on The Domino Revival is a place that experienced a revival in the past.  On the Domino Tour, we prophetically re-dig the old wells in each city – revival is here again!


The Domino Revival is free to attend and is not a ticketed event.* Many are traveling from other states to the tour stop nearest them so they won’t miss their opportunity to encounter God.  If you’re supposed to be a part of this tour, begin praying now.  I want to see you at the location you can attend!

*The San Francisco date is ticketed as a part of a larger event.  See date details to purchase tickets.  

What Can I Expect?

Anything can happen when we gather with the purpose of lifting up Jesus’ name and confronting the works of darkness.   Expect healing, deliverance, salvation, and a fresh outpouring of the Spirit of God!


Tour Dates

July 3
Brooklyn, NY
July 5
Elizabeth, NJ
July 6
Lancaster, PA
July 7
Hartford, CT
July 8
Boston, MA
July 9
Portage, IN
July 16
San Francisco, CA
July 18
Los Angeles, CA
July 19
Huntington Beach, CA
July 21
Seattle, WA
July 22
Yakima, WA
July 24
Tri-Cities, WA
August 2
Pensacola, FL
August 4
Miami, FL
August 6
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
August 7
Fajardo, Puerto Rico
August 24
London, England
August 28
London, England
September 7
Toronto, CA